Towards a full GHG balance of the biosphere
Towards a full GHG balance of the biosphere
Editor(s): D. Zona, L. Merbold, K. Pilegaard, K. Butterbach-Bahl, P. Stoy, T. Del Sontro, and G. Wohlfahrt
How important are N2O and CH4 emissions in different ecosystems? How difficult is to measure and to model their emission? How do non-CO2 greenhouse gases contribute to the total global warming potential (GWP) of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems?

The overall goal of this special issue is to gather contributions discussing the challenges and opportunities in measuring and modeling CH4 and N2O fluxes using the new available instrumentation. We encourage contributions that discuss the role of non-CO2 greenhouse gases to global biogeochemical cycles and planetary radiative forcing. This is a unique chance to cross-compare the contribution of these non-CO2 gases to the carbon budget of the biosphere and to quantify the full global warming potential (GWP) of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems worldwide. This special issue is linked to the goals of GHG-Europe and of the WP2 of the ABBA (COST Action ES0804), and to the Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS) aiming at harmonizing and integrating trace gas flux measurements around the globe.

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02 Sep 2014
Corrigendum to "Agricultural peatlands: towards a greenhouse gas sink – a synthesis of a Dutch landscape study" published in Biogeosciences, 11, 4559–4576, 2014
A. P. Schrier-Uijl, P. S. Kroon, D. M. D. Hendriks, A. Hensen, J. Van Huissteden, P. A. Leffelaar, F. Berendse, and E. M. Veenendaal
Biogeosciences, 11, 4635–4635,,, 2014
26 Jan 2015
Preface: Towards a full greenhouse gas balance of the biosphere
L. Merbold, G. Wohlfahrt, K. Butterbach-Bahl, K. Pilegaard, T. DelSontro, P. Stoy, and D. Zona
Biogeosciences, 12, 453–456,,, 2015
16 Jan 2015
CH4 and N2O dynamics in the boreal forest–mire ecotone
B. Tupek, K. Minkkinen, J. Pumpanen, T. Vesala, and E. Nikinmaa
Biogeosciences, 12, 281–297,,, 2015
17 Dec 2014
Methane and nitrous oxide exchange over a managed hay meadow
L. Hörtnagl and G. Wohlfahrt
Biogeosciences, 11, 7219–7236,,, 2014
Short summary
07 Nov 2014
N2O, NO, N2 and CO2 emissions from tropical savanna and grassland of northern Australia: an incubation experiment with intact soil cores
C. Werner, K. Reiser, M. Dannenmann, L. B. Hutley, J. Jacobeit, and K. Butterbach-Bahl
Biogeosciences, 11, 6047–6065,,, 2014
Short summary
07 Oct 2014
Carbon and greenhouse gas balances in an age sequence of temperate pine plantations
M. Peichl, A. M. Arain, T. R. Moore, J. J. Brodeur, M. Khomik, S. Ullah, N. Restrepo-Coupé, J. McLaren, and M. R. Pejam
Biogeosciences, 11, 5399–5410,,, 2014
30 Sep 2014
Methane and nitrous oxide sources and emissions in a subtropical freshwater reservoir, South East Queensland, Australia
K. Sturm, Z. Yuan, B. Gibbes, U. Werner, and A. Grinham
Biogeosciences, 11, 5245–5258,,, 2014
28 Aug 2014
Agricultural peatlands: towards a greenhouse gas sink – a synthesis of a Dutch landscape study
A. P. Schrier-Uijl, P. S. Kroon, D. M. D. Hendriks, A. Hensen, J. Van Huissteden, F. Berendse, and E. M. Veenendaal
Biogeosciences, 11, 4559–4576,,, 2014
12 Aug 2014
Comparison of floating chamber and eddy covariance measurements of lake greenhouse gas fluxes
E. Podgrajsek, E. Sahlée, D. Bastviken, J. Holst, A. Lindroth, L. Tranvik, and A. Rutgersson
Biogeosciences, 11, 4225–4233,,, 2014
17 Jun 2014
Evaluating the performance of commonly used gas analysers for methane eddy covariance flux measurements: the InGOS inter-comparison field experiment
O. Peltola, A. Hensen, C. Helfter, L. Belelli Marchesini, F. C. Bosveld, W. C. M. van den Bulk, J. A. Elbers, S. Haapanala, J. Holst, T. Laurila, A. Lindroth, E. Nemitz, T. Röckmann, A. T. Vermeulen, and I. Mammarella
Biogeosciences, 11, 3163–3186,,, 2014
05 Jun 2014
Pumping methane out of aquatic sediments – ebullition forcing mechanisms in an impounded river
A. Maeck, H. Hofmann, and A. Lorke
Biogeosciences, 11, 2925–2938,,, 2014
21 May 2014
High temporal frequency measurements of greenhouse gas emissions from soils
K. Savage, R. Phillips, and E. Davidson
Biogeosciences, 11, 2709–2720,,, 2014
25 Apr 2014
Methane and nitrous oxide fluxes across an elevation gradient in the tropical Peruvian Andes
Y. A. Teh, T. Diem, S. Jones, L. P. Huaraca Quispe, E. Baggs, N. Morley, M. Richards, P. Smith, and P. Meir
Biogeosciences, 11, 2325–2339,,, 2014
09 Apr 2014
Anthropogenic and natural methane fluxes in Switzerland synthesized within a spatially explicit inventory
R. V. Hiller, D. Bretscher, T. DelSontro, T. Diem, W. Eugster, R. Henneberger, S. Hobi, E. Hodson, D. Imer, M. Kreuzer, T. Künzle, L. Merbold, P. A. Niklaus, B. Rihm, A. Schellenberger, M. H. Schroth, C. J. Schubert, H. Siegrist, J. Stieger, N. Buchmann, and D. Brunner
Biogeosciences, 11, 1941–1959,,, 2014
10 Sep 2013
Temporal and spatial variations of soil CO2, CH4 and N2O fluxes at three differently managed grasslands
D. Imer, L. Merbold, W. Eugster, and N. Buchmann
Biogeosciences, 10, 5931–5945,,, 2013
03 Jul 2013
Seasonal dynamics of methane emissions from a subarctic fen in the Hudson Bay Lowlands
K. L. Hanis, M. Tenuta, B. D. Amiro, and T. N. Papakyriakou
Biogeosciences, 10, 4465–4479,,, 2013
28 Jun 2013
Methane fluxes measured by eddy covariance and static chamber techniques at a temperate forest in central Ontario, Canada
J. M. Wang, J. G. Murphy, J. A. Geddes, C. L. Winsborough, N. Basiliko, and S. C. Thomas
Biogeosciences, 10, 4371–4382,,, 2013
13 May 2013
Winter greenhouse gas fluxes (CO2, CH4 and N2O) from a subalpine grassland
L. Merbold, C. Steinlin, and F. Hagedorn
Biogeosciences, 10, 3185–3203,,, 2013
13 May 2013
Effects of soil temperature and moisture on methane uptake and nitrous oxide emissions across three different ecosystem types
G. J. Luo, R. Kiese, B. Wolf, and K. Butterbach-Bahl
Biogeosciences, 10, 3205–3219,,, 2013
05 Apr 2013
The relationships between termite mound CH4/CO2 emissions and internal concentration ratios are species specific
H. Jamali, S. J. Livesley, L. B. Hutley, B. Fest, and S. K. Arndt
Biogeosciences, 10, 2229–2240,,, 2013
CC BY 4.0