Impact of atmospheric inputs on an oligotrophic ecosystem – the DUNE experiment
Impact of atmospheric inputs on an oligotrophic ecosystem – the DUNE experiment
Editor(s): C. Guieu, F. Dulac, and E. Marañón

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14 Oct 2014
Microbial food web dynamics in response to a Saharan dust event: results from a mesocosm study in the oligotrophic Mediterranean Sea
E. Pulido-Villena, A.-C. Baudoux, I. Obernosterer, M. Landa, J. Caparros, P. Catala, C. Georges, J. Harmand, and C. Guieu
Biogeosciences, 11, 5607–5619,,, 2014
14 Oct 2014
Impact of dust deposition on carbon budget: a tentative assessment from a mesocosm approach
C. Guieu, C. Ridame, E. Pulido-Villena, M. Bressac, K. Desboeufs, and F. Dulac
Biogeosciences, 11, 5621–5635,,, 2014
13 Oct 2014
Chemical fate and settling of mineral dust in surface seawater after atmospheric deposition observed from dust seeding experiments in large mesocosms
K. Desboeufs, N. Leblond, T. Wagener, E. Bon Nguyen, and C. Guieu
Biogeosciences, 11, 5581–5594,,, 2014
10 Sep 2014
Contrasted Saharan dust events in LNLC environments: impact on nutrient dynamics and primary production
C. Ridame, J. Dekaezemacker, C. Guieu, S. Bonnet, S. L'Helguen, and F. Malien
Biogeosciences, 11, 4783–4800,,, 2014
02 Sep 2014
A fine fraction of soil used as an aerosol analogue during the DUNE experiment: sequential solubility in water, decreasing pH step-by-step
C. Aghnatios, R. Losno, and F. Dulac
Biogeosciences, 11, 4627–4633,,, 2014
21 Feb 2014
Quantification of the lithogenic carbon pump following a simulated dust-deposition event in large mesocosms
M. Bressac, C. Guieu, D. Doxaran, F. Bourrin, K. Desboeufs, N. Leblond, and C. Ridame
Biogeosciences, 11, 1007–1020,,, 2014
29 Jan 2014
Introduction to project DUNE, a DUst experiment in a low Nutrient, low chlorophyll Ecosystem
C. Guieu, F. Dulac, C. Ridame, and P. Pondaven
Biogeosciences, 11, 425–442,,, 2014
15 Nov 2013
Strong stimulation of N2 fixation in oligotrophic Mediterranean Sea: results from dust addition in large in situ mesocosms
C. Ridame, C. Guieu, and S. L'Helguen
Biogeosciences, 10, 7333–7346,,, 2013
03 May 2013
Assessing the role of dust deposition on phytoplankton ecophysiology and succession in a low-nutrient low-chlorophyll ecosystem: a mesocosm experiment in the Mediterranean Sea
V. Giovagnetti, C. Brunet, F. Conversano, F. Tramontano, I. Obernosterer, C. Ridame, and C. Guieu
Biogeosciences, 10, 2973–2991,,, 2013
18 Apr 2013
Impacts of dust deposition on dissolved trace metal concentrations (Mn, Al and Fe) during a mesocosm experiment
K. Wuttig, T. Wagener, M. Bressac, A. Dammshäuser, P. Streu, C. Guieu, and P. L. Croot
Biogeosciences, 10, 2583–2600,,, 2013
04 Aug 2011
Dust deposition: iron source or sink? A case study
Y. Ye, T. Wagener, C. Völker, C. Guieu, and D. A. Wolf-Gladrow
Biogeosciences, 8, 2107–2124,,, 2011
23 Nov 2010
Effects of dust deposition on iron cycle in the surface Mediterranean Sea: results from a mesocosm seeding experiment
T. Wagener, C. Guieu, and N. Leblond
Biogeosciences, 7, 3769–3781,,, 2010
20 Sep 2010
Large clean mesocosms and simulated dust deposition: a new methodology to investigate responses of marine oligotrophic ecosystems to atmospheric inputs
C. Guieu, F. Dulac, K. Desboeufs, T. Wagener, E. Pulido-Villena, J.-M. Grisoni, F. Louis, C. Ridame, S. Blain, C. Brunet, E. Bon Nguyen, S. Tran, M. Labiadh, and J.-M. Dominici
Biogeosciences, 7, 2765–2784,,, 2010
CC BY 4.0