The Weddell Sea and the ocean off Dronning Maud Land: unique oceanographic conditions shape circumpolar and global processes – a multi-disciplinary study (OS/BG/TC inter-journal SI)(OS/BG/TC inter-journal SI)
The Weddell Sea and the ocean off Dronning Maud Land: unique oceanographic conditions shape circumpolar and global processes – a multi-disciplinary study (OS/BG/TC inter-journal SI)(OS/BG/TC inter-journal SI)
Editor(s): Markus Janout, Laura de Steur, Sebastien Moreau, Mia Wege, Mario Hoppema, Christian Haas, and Carol Robinson Special issue jointly organized between Ocean Science, Biogeosciences, and The Cryosphere
The Weddell Sea and the ocean off Dronning Maud Land, constituting the Weddell Gyre, are representative of the high-latitude Southern Ocean due to its pronounced seasonality, circumpolar currents, deep-water formation and seasonal sea-ice cover. The Weddell Gyre connects water masses from the Antarctic Circumpolar Current with those shaped by the large ice shelves and sea-ice formation in the southern perimeter of the Weddell Gyre. Biological and biogeochemical processes are strongly influenced by these conditions and contribute to a unique Weddell Sea ecosystem.

A portion of the western Weddell Sea is already experiencing consequences of climate change, including the acceleration of mass loss from ice shelves, enhanced ocean warming and freshening, rising air temperatures, and changes in wind patterns. This likely has an emerging influence on the local biological and biogeochemical processes. The eastern part of the Weddell Gyre, off Dronning Maud Land, however, appears relatively stable but is expected to experience warming, sea-ice retreat and ice-shelf loss in the course of this century. The re-emergence of the Maud Rise Polynya, with a potentially significant impact on regional water masses and biogeochemistry, underscores the importance of observing and understanding this region. Establishing knowledge of the present biological and biogeochemical processes and coupling with physics prior to major changes in this region is essential.

This special issue emerged from an October 2020 workshop organized by the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Weddell Sea and Dronning Maud Land Regional Working Group that brought together numerous scientists across multiple disciplines. However, the issue is open to anyone and we welcome additional contributions.

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05 Feb 2024
New insights into the Weddell Sea ecosystem applying a quantitative network approach
Tomás I. Marina, Leonardo A. Saravia, and Susanne Kortsch
Ocean Sci., 20, 141–153,,, 2024
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18 Oct 2023
Stirring across the Antarctic Circumpolar Current's southern boundary at the prime meridian, Weddell Sea
Ria Oelerich, Karen J. Heywood, Gillian M. Damerell, Marcel du Plessis, Louise C. Biddle, and Sebastiaan Swart
Ocean Sci., 19, 1465–1482,,, 2023
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31 Jul 2023
Absence of photophysiological response to iron addition in autumn phytoplankton in the Antarctic sea-ice zone
Asmita Singh, Susanne Fietz, Sandy J. Thomalla, Nicolas Sanchez, Murat V. Ardelan, Sébastien Moreau, Hanna M. Kauko, Agneta Fransson, Melissa Chierici, Saumik Samanta, Thato N. Mtshali, Alakendra N. Roychoudhury, and Thomas J. Ryan-Keogh
Biogeosciences, 20, 3073–3091,,, 2023
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18 Jul 2023
The Weddell Gyre heat budget associated with the Warm Deep Water circulation derived from Argo floats
Krissy Anne Reeve, Torsten Kanzow, Olaf Boebel, Myriel Vredenborg, Volker Strass, and Rüdiger Gerdes
Ocean Sci., 19, 1083–1106,,, 2023
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22 Jun 2023
Unsupervised classification identifies coherent thermohaline structures in the Weddell Gyre region
Dani C. Jones, Maike Sonnewald, Shenjie Zhou, Ute Hausmann, Andrew J. S. Meijers, Isabella Rosso, Lars Boehme, Michael P. Meredith, and Alberto C. Naveira Garabato
Ocean Sci., 19, 857–885,,, 2023
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22 May 2023
Sudden, local temperature increase above the continental slope in the southern Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Elin Darelius, Vår Dundas, Markus Janout, and Sandra Tippenhauer
Ocean Sci., 19, 671–683,,, 2023
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04 Apr 2023
Water mass transformation variability in the Weddell Sea in ocean reanalyses
Shanice T. Bailey, C. Spencer Jones, Ryan P. Abernathey, Arnold L. Gordon, and Xiaojun Yuan
Ocean Sci., 19, 381–402,,, 2023
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05 Dec 2022
First phytoplankton community assessment of the Kong Håkon VII Hav, Southern Ocean, during austral autumn
Hanna M. Kauko, Philipp Assmy, Ilka Peeken, Magdalena Różańska-Pluta, Józef M. Wiktor, Gunnar Bratbak, Asmita Singh, Thomas J. Ryan-Keogh, and Sebastien Moreau
Biogeosciences, 19, 5449–5482,,, 2022
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23 Nov 2022
Reviews and syntheses: A framework to observe, understand and project ecosystem response to environmental change in the East Antarctic Southern Ocean
Julian Gutt, Stefanie Arndt, David Keith Alan Barnes, Horst Bornemann, Thomas Brey, Olaf Eisen, Hauke Flores, Huw Griffiths, Christian Haas, Stefan Hain, Tore Hattermann, Christoph Held, Mario Hoppema, Enrique Isla, Markus Janout, Céline Le Bohec, Heike Link, Felix Christopher Mark, Sebastien Moreau, Scarlett Trimborn, Ilse van Opzeeland, Hans-Otto Pörtner, Fokje Schaafsma, Katharina Teschke, Sandra Tippenhauer, Anton Van de Putte, Mia Wege, Daniel Zitterbart, and Dieter Piepenburg
Biogeosciences, 19, 5313–5342,,, 2022
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21 Oct 2022
A comparison between Envisat and ICESat sea ice thickness in the Southern Ocean
Jinfei Wang, Chao Min, Robert Ricker, Qian Shi, Bo Han, Stefan Hendricks, Renhao Wu, and Qinghua Yang
The Cryosphere, 16, 4473–4490,,, 2022
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12 Sep 2022
The influence of tides on the marine carbonate chemistry of a coastal polynya in the south-eastern Weddell Sea
Elise S. Droste, Mario Hoppema, Melchor González-Dávila, Juana Magdalena Santana-Casiano, Bastien Y. Queste, Giorgio Dall'Olmo, Hugh J. Venables, Gerd Rohardt, Sharyn Ossebaar, Daniel Schuller, Sunke Trace-Kleeberg, and Dorothee C. E. Bakker
Ocean Sci., 18, 1293–1320,,, 2022
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30 May 2022
Geomorphology and shallow sub-sea-floor structures underneath the Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Astrid Oetting, Emma C. Smith, Jan Erik Arndt, Boris Dorschel, Reinhard Drews, Todd A. Ehlers, Christoph Gaedicke, Coen Hofstede, Johann P. Klages, Gerhard Kuhn, Astrid Lambrecht, Andreas Läufer, Christoph Mayer, Ralf Tiedemann, Frank Wilhelms, and Olaf Eisen
The Cryosphere, 16, 2051–2066,,, 2022
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07 Feb 2022
Biogeochemical controls on ammonium accumulation in the surface layer of the Southern Ocean
Shantelle Smith, Katye E. Altieri, Mhlangabezi Mdutyana, David R. Walker, Ruan G. Parrott, Sedick Gallie, Kurt A. M. Spence, Jessica M. Burger, and Sarah E. Fawcett
Biogeosciences, 19, 715–741,,, 2022
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24 Nov 2021
Summertime productivity and carbon export potential in the Weddell Sea, with a focus on the waters adjacent to Larsen C Ice Shelf
Raquel F. Flynn, Thomas G. Bornman, Jessica M. Burger, Shantelle Smith, Kurt A. M. Spence, and Sarah E. Fawcett
Biogeosciences, 18, 6031–6059,,, 2021
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31 Aug 2021
Recent observations of superimposed ice and snow ice on sea ice in the northwestern Weddell Sea
Stefanie Arndt, Christian Haas, Hanno Meyer, Ilka Peeken, and Thomas Krumpen
The Cryosphere, 15, 4165–4178,,, 2021
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