Biogeochemistry and Optics South Pacific Experiment (BIOSOPE)
Biogeochemistry and Optics South Pacific Experiment (BIOSOPE)
Editor(s): H. Claustre, A. Sciandra, and D. Vaulot

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06 Feb 2009
Anthropogenic carbon distribution in the eastern South Pacific Ocean
C. Goyet, R. Ito Gonçalves, and F. Touratier
Biogeosciences, 6, 149–156,,, 2009
29 Sep 2008
Distribution and fluxes of aggregates >100 μm in the upper kilometer of the South-Eastern Pacific
L. Guidi, G. Gorsky, H. Claustre, J. C. Miquel, M. Picheral, and L. Stemmann
Biogeosciences, 5, 1361–1372,,, 2008
25 Aug 2008
Distribution and bacterial availability of dissolved neutral sugars in the South East Pacific
R. Sempéré, M. Tedetti, C. Panagiotopoulos, B. Charrière, and F. Van Wambeke
Biogeosciences, 5, 1165–1173,,, 2008
04 Aug 2008
Calcite production by coccolithophores in the south east Pacific Ocean
L. Beaufort, M. Couapel, N. Buchet, H. Claustre, and C. Goyet
Biogeosciences, 5, 1101–1117,,, 2008
30 Jun 2008
Distribution of lipid biomarkers and carbon isotope fractionation in contrasting trophic environments of the South East Pacific
I. Tolosa, J.-C. Miquel, B. Gasser, P. Raimbault, C. Goyet, and H. Claustre
Biogeosciences, 5, 949–968,,, 2008
19 May 2008
Factors limiting heterotrophic bacterial production in the southern Pacific Ocean
F. Van Wambeke, S. Bonnet, T. Moutin, P. Raimbault, G. Alarcón, and C. Guieu
Biogeosciences, 5, 833–845,,, 2008
06 May 2008
Introduction to the special section bio-optical and biogeochemical conditions in the South East Pacific in late 2004: the BIOSOPE program
H. Claustre, A. Sciandra, and D. Vaulot
Biogeosciences, 5, 679–691,,, 2008
06 May 2008
Biochemical characteristics and bacterial community structure of the sea surface microlayer in the South Pacific Ocean
I. Obernosterer, P. Catala, R. Lami, J. Caparros, J. Ras, A. Bricaud, C. Dupuy, F. van Wambeke, and P. Lebaron
Biogeosciences, 5, 693–705,,, 2008
07 Apr 2008
Particle optical backscattering along a chlorophyll gradient in the upper layer of the eastern South Pacific Ocean
Y. Huot, A. Morel, M. S. Twardowski, D. Stramski, and R. A. Reynolds
Biogeosciences, 5, 495–507,,, 2008
28 Mar 2008
Gross community production and metabolic balance in the South Pacific Gyre, using a non intrusive bio-optical method
H. Claustre, Y. Huot, I. Obernosterer, B. Gentili, D. Tailliez, and M. Lewis
Biogeosciences, 5, 463–474,,, 2008
12 Mar 2008
Spatial variability of phytoplankton pigment distributions in the Subtropical South Pacific Ocean: comparison between in situ and predicted data
J. Ras, H. Claustre, and J. Uitz
Biogeosciences, 5, 353–369,,, 2008
05 Mar 2008
Evidence for efficient regenerated production and dinitrogen fixation in nitrogen-deficient waters of the South Pacific Ocean: impact on new and export production estimates
P. Raimbault and N. Garcia
Biogeosciences, 5, 323–338,,, 2008
04 Mar 2008
Distribution of micro-organisms along a transect in the South-East Pacific Ocean (BIOSOPE cruise) using epifluorescence microscopy
S. Masquelier and D. Vaulot
Biogeosciences, 5, 311–321,,, 2008
03 Mar 2008
Distribution of inorganic and organic nutrients in the South Pacific Ocean − evidence for long-term accumulation of organic matter in nitrogen-depleted waters
P. Raimbault, N. Garcia, and F. Cerutti
Biogeosciences, 5, 281–298,,, 2008
03 Mar 2008
Volume distribution for particles between 3.5 to 2000 μm in the upper 200 m region of the South Pacific Gyre
L. Stemmann, D. Eloire, A. Sciandra, G. A. Jackson, L. Guidi, M. Picheral, and G. Gorsky
Biogeosciences, 5, 299–310,,, 2008
27 Feb 2008
Dissolved iron distribution in the tropical and sub tropical South Eastern Pacific
S. Blain, S. Bonnet, and C. Guieu
Biogeosciences, 5, 269–280,,, 2008
20 Feb 2008
Nutrient limitation of primary productivity in the Southeast Pacific (BIOSOPE cruise)
S. Bonnet, C. Guieu, F. Bruyant, O. Prášil, F. Van Wambeke, P. Raimbault, T. Moutin, C. Grob, M. Y. Gorbunov, J. P. Zehr, S. M. Masquelier, L. Garczarek, and H. Claustre
Biogeosciences, 5, 215–225,,, 2008
15 Feb 2008
Picoplankton diversity in the South-East Pacific Ocean from cultures
F. Le Gall, F. Rigaut-Jalabert, D. Marie, L. Garczarek, M. Viprey, A. Gobet, and D. Vaulot
Biogeosciences, 5, 203–214,,, 2008
14 Feb 2008
Relationships between the surface concentration of particulate organic carbon and optical properties in the eastern South Pacific and eastern Atlantic Oceans
D. Stramski, R. A. Reynolds, M. Babin, S. Kaczmarek, M. R. Lewis, R. Röttgers, A. Sciandra, M. Stramska, M. S. Twardowski, B. A. Franz, and H. Claustre
Biogeosciences, 5, 171–201,,, 2008
08 Feb 2008
Heterotrophic bacterial production in the eastern South Pacific: longitudinal trends and coupling with primary production
F. Van Wambeke, I. Obernosterer, T. Moutin, S. Duhamel, O. Ulloa, and H. Claustre
Biogeosciences, 5, 157–169,,, 2008
06 Feb 2008
Phospholipid synthesis rates in the eastern subtropical South Pacific Ocean
B. A. S. Van Mooy, T. Moutin, S. Duhamel, P. Rimmelin, and F. Van Wambeke
Biogeosciences, 5, 133–139,,, 2008
29 Jan 2008
Phosphate availability and the ultimate control of new nitrogen input by nitrogen fixation in the tropical Pacific Ocean
T. Moutin, D. M. Karl, S. Duhamel, P. Rimmelin, P. Raimbault, B. A. S. Van Mooy, and H. Claustre
Biogeosciences, 5, 95–109,,, 2008
14 Dec 2007
Two High-Nutrient Low-Chlorophyll phytoplankton assemblages: the tropical central Pacific and the offshore Perú-Chile Current
F. Gómez, H. Claustre, P. Raimbault, and S. Souissi
Biogeosciences, 4, 1101–1113,,, 2007
29 Nov 2007
Optical backscattering properties of the "clearest" natural waters
M. S. Twardowski, H. Claustre, S. A. Freeman, D. Stramski, and Y. Huot
Biogeosciences, 4, 1041–1058,,, 2007
08 Nov 2007
Growth and specific P-uptake rates of bacterial and phytoplanktonic communities in the Southeast Pacific (BIOSOPE cruise)
S. Duhamel, T. Moutin, F. Van Wambeke, B. Van Mooy, P. Rimmelin, P. Raimbault, and H. Claustre
Biogeosciences, 4, 941–956,,, 2007
26 Oct 2007
Natural variability of bio-optical properties in Case 1 waters: attenuation and reflectance within the visible and near-UV spectral domains, as observed in South Pacific and Mediterranean waters
A. Morel, H. Claustre, D. Antoine, and B. Gentili
Biogeosciences, 4, 913–925,,, 2007
16 Oct 2007
Relationship between photosynthetic parameters and different proxies of phytoplankton biomass in the subtropical ocean
Y. Huot, M. Babin, F. Bruyant, C. Grob, M. S. Twardowski, and H. Claustre
Biogeosciences, 4, 853–868,,, 2007
15 Oct 2007
Contribution of picoplankton to the total particulate organic carbon concentration in the eastern South Pacific
C. Grob, O. Ulloa, H. Claustre, Y. Huot, G. Alarcón, and D. Marie
Biogeosciences, 4, 837–852,,, 2007
26 Sep 2007
Detailed validation of the bidirectional effect in various Case 1 waters for application to ocean color imagery
K. J. Voss, A. Morel, and D. Antoine
Biogeosciences, 4, 781–789,,, 2007
13 Sep 2007
Nitrous oxide distribution and its origin in the central and eastern South Pacific Subtropical Gyre
J. Charpentier, L. Farias, N. Yoshida, N. Boontanon, and P. Raimbault
Biogeosciences, 4, 729–741,,, 2007
07 Jun 2007
The "neutral" community structure of planktonic herbivores, tintinnid ciliates of the microzooplankton, across the SE Tropical Pacific Ocean
J. R. Dolan, M. E. Ritchie, and J. Ras
Biogeosciences, 4, 297–310,,, 2007
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