Ecosystem processes and functioning across current and future dryness gradients in arid and semi-arid lands
Ecosystem processes and functioning across current and future dryness gradients in arid and semi-arid lands
Editor(s): T. Zha, C. Bourque, Z. Xing, S. Luyssaert, and P. Stoy
Ecosystems in arid and semi-arid regions of the world are frequently affected by periods of extended drought and resource over-exploitation. Dryland ecosystems are particularly sensitive to climate change in terms of plant species associations, plant distribution along environmental gradients, ecosystem functioning, and ecological and economic productivity. Environmental change in these areas may require that new management strategies and field approaches be developed to protect these vulnerable ecosystems. A devoted account of dryland ecosystems and their response to changing environmental conditions can help develop new management strategies and inform policy.

To facilitate the study of arid and semi-arid ecosystems and provide recent research findings in the area, we propose that the special issue address the following:
  • characterizations of vegetation growth patterns and productivity along dryness gradients in China and in other areas of the world,
  • assessments of dryland ecosystems with combating global warming and in contributing to the uptake and storage of greenhouse gases,
  • systematic studies of desertification and related land degradation processes,
  • assessments of resiliency and hydrological responses of dryland ecosystems to climate change, and
  • identification and substantiation of scientifically based management strategies suitable for arid and semi-arid regions of China and other areas of the world.

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11 Jan 2018
Can land degradation drive differences in the C exchange of two similar semiarid ecosystems?
Ana López-Ballesteros, Cecilio Oyonarte, Andrew S. Kowalski, Penélope Serrano-Ortiz, Enrique P. Sánchez-Cañete, M. Rosario Moya, and Francisco Domingo
Biogeosciences, 15, 263–278,,, 2018
09 Jan 2018
Modelling the diurnal and seasonal dynamics of soil CO2 exchange in a semiarid ecosystem with high plant–interspace heterogeneity
Jinnan Gong, Ben Wang, Xin Jia, Wei Feng, Tianshan Zha, Seppo Kellomäki, and Heli Peltola
Biogeosciences, 15, 115–136,,, 2018
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13 Oct 2017
Soil moisture control of sap-flow response to biophysical factors in a desert-shrub species, Artemisia ordosica
Tianshan Zha, Duo Qian, Xin Jia, Yujie Bai, Yun Tian, Charles P.-A. Bourque, Jingyong Ma, Wei Feng, Bin Wu, and Heli Peltola
Biogeosciences, 14, 4533–4544,,, 2017
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07 Sep 2017
Soil water regulates the control of photosynthesis on diel hysteresis between soil respiration and temperature in a desert shrubland
Ben Wang, Tian Shan Zha, Xin Jia, Jin Nan Gong, Charles Bourque, Wei Feng, Yun Tian, Bin Wu, Yu Qing Zhang, and Heli Peltola
Biogeosciences, 14, 3899–3908,,, 2017
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29 Aug 2017
Morphological plasticity of root growth under mild water stress increases water use efficiency without reducing yield in maize
Qian Cai, Yulong Zhang, Zhanxiang Sun, Jiaming Zheng, Wei Bai, Yue Zhang, Yang Liu, Liangshan Feng, Chen Feng, Zhe Zhang, Ning Yang, Jochem B. Evers, and Lizhen Zhang
Biogeosciences, 14, 3851–3858,,, 2017
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20 Jul 2017
Interaction of CO2 concentrations and water stress in semiarid plants causes diverging response in instantaneous water use efficiency and carbon isotope composition
Na Zhao, Ping Meng, Yabing He, and Xinxiao Yu
Biogeosciences, 14, 3431–3444,,, 2017
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05 May 2017
Detecting climatically driven phylogenetic and morphological divergence among spruce (Picea) species worldwide
Guo-Hong Wang, He Li, Hai-Wei Zhao, and Wei-Kang Zhang
Biogeosciences, 14, 2307–2319,,, 2017
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17 Mar 2017
Modelling spatial and temporal dynamics of gross primary production in the Sahel from earth-observation-based photosynthetic capacity and quantum efficiency
Torbern Tagesson, Jonas Ardö, Bernard Cappelaere, Laurent Kergoat, Abdulhakim Abdi, Stéphanie Horion, and Rasmus Fensholt
Biogeosciences, 14, 1333–1348,,, 2017
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24 Jan 2017
Water availability limits tree productivity, carbon stocks, and carbon residence time in mature forests across the western US
Logan T. Berner, Beverly E. Law, and Tara W. Hudiburg
Biogeosciences, 14, 365–378,,, 2017
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