Biological soil crusts and their role in biogeochemical processes and cycling
Biological soil crusts and their role in biogeochemical processes and cycling
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22 Jun 2018
Fungal loop transfer of nitrogen depends on biocrust constituents and nitrogen form
Zachary T. Aanderud, Trevor B. Smart, Nan Wu, Alexander S. Taylor, Yuanming Zhang, and Jayne Belnap
Biogeosciences, 15, 3831–3840,,, 2018
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28 May 2019
Microbial biobanking – cyanobacteria-rich topsoil facilitates mine rehabilitation
Wendy Williams, Angela Chilton, Mel Schneemilch, Stephen Williams, Brett Neilan, and Colin Driscoll
Biogeosciences, 16, 2189–2204,,, 2019
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23 Feb 2018
Antagonistic effects of drought and sand burial enable the survival of the biocrust moss Bryum argenteum in an arid sandy desert
Rongliang Jia, Yun Zhao, Yanhong Gao, Rong Hui, Haotian Yang, Zenru Wang, and Yixuan Li
Biogeosciences, 15, 1161–1172,,, 2018
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23 Feb 2018
Uncovering biological soil crusts: carbon content and structure of intact Arctic, Antarctic and alpine biological soil crusts
Patrick Jung, Laura Briegel-Williams, Anika Simon, Anne Thyssen, and Burkhard Büdel
Biogeosciences, 15, 1149–1160,,, 2018
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11 Jul 2018
Algal richness in BSCs in forests under different management intensity with some implications for P cycling
Karin Glaser, Karen Baumann, Peter Leinweber, Tatiana Mikhailyuk, and Ulf Karsten
Biogeosciences, 15, 4181–4192,,, 2018
08 Mar 2018
Revisiting chlorophyll extraction methods in biological soil crusts – methodology for determination of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll a + b as compared to previous methods
Jennifer Caesar, Alexandra Tamm, Nina Ruckteschler, Anna Lena Leifke, and Bettina Weber
Biogeosciences, 15, 1415–1424,,, 2018
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03 Apr 2018
Ecophysiological characterization of early successional biological soil crusts in heavily human-impacted areas
Michelle Szyja, Burkhard Büdel, and Claudia Colesie
Biogeosciences, 15, 1919–1931,,, 2018
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26 Jan 2018
Annual net primary productivity of a cyanobacteria-dominated biological soil crust in the Gulf Savannah, Queensland, Australia
Burkhard Büdel, Wendy J. Williams, and Hans Reichenberger
Biogeosciences, 15, 491–505,,, 2018
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10 Apr 2018
Wet season cyanobacterial N enrichment highly correlated with species richness and Nostoc in the northern Australian savannah
Wendy Williams, Burkhard Büdel, and Stephen Williams
Biogeosciences, 15, 2149–2159,,, 2018
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08 Feb 2018
Effects of storage temperature on the physiological characteristics and vegetative propagation of desiccation-tolerant mosses
Yuewei Guo and Yunge Zhao
Biogeosciences, 15, 797–808,,, 2018
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01 Dec 2017
Hydration status and diurnal trophic interactions shape microbial community function in desert biocrusts
Minsu Kim and Dani Or
Biogeosciences, 14, 5403–5424,,, 2017
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13 Sep 2017
Recovery of biological soil crust richness and cover 12–16 years after wildfires in Idaho, USA
Heather T. Root, John C. Brinda, and E. Kyle Dodson
Biogeosciences, 14, 3957–3969,,, 2017
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22 Dec 2017
Bryophyte-dominated biological soil crusts mitigate soil erosion in an early successional Chinese subtropical forest
Steffen Seitz, Martin Nebel, Philipp Goebes, Kathrin Käppeler, Karsten Schmidt, Xuezheng Shi, Zhengshan Song, Carla L. Webber, Bettina Weber, and Thomas Scholten
Biogeosciences, 14, 5775–5788,,, 2017
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