Human impacts on carbon fluxes in Asian river systems
Human impacts on carbon fluxes in Asian river systems
Editor(s): J.-H. Park, V. V. S. S. Sarma, G. Abril, and D. Butman
Despite the importance of Asian river systems for the global riverine carbon fluxes, surprisingly few efforts have been made to synthesize the current status and emerging trends of CO2 outgassing and organic carbon export from the rapidly urbanizing watersheds across Asia. Asian rivers have been estimated to account for up to 40 and 50 % of the global inorganic and organic carbon transport from the land to the oceans, respectively. However, the lack of data has limited our ability to estimate the contributions of Asian rivers to the global carbon fluxes. Particularly sparse are measurements of dissolved CO2, so obtaining pCO2 data in Southeast Asian rivers has been suggested as a top priority in reducing large uncertainty in estimating the global riverine CO2 outgassing. Moreover, little is known about organic carbon export and CO2 outgassing from streams and rivers draining rapidly urbanizing watersheds in developing countries across Asia. The proposed special issue will provide a venue for presenting the most up-to-date overview of the current status and wide-ranging anthropogenic alterations of riverine carbon fluxes including dissolved and particulate organic carbon, inorganic carbon, and dissolved CO2 and other greenhouse gases such as CH4, N2O, and DMS. We will solicit both review and primary research articles that address emerging trends in riverine carbon transport and greenhouse gas outgassing from major river systems across Asia, particularly from the perspective of human-induced perturbations to those fluxes.

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29 May 2019
Physically controlled CO2 effluxes from a reservoir surface in the upper Mekong River Basin: a case study in the Gongguoqiao Reservoir
Lin Lin, Xixi Lu, Shaoda Liu, Shie-Yui Liong, and Kaidao Fu
Biogeosciences, 16, 2205–2219,,, 2019
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04 Feb 2019
Gas transfer velocities of CO2 in subtropical monsoonal climate streams and small rivers
Siyue Li, Rong Mao, Yongmei Ma, and Vedula V. S. S. Sarma
Biogeosciences, 16, 681–693,,, 2019
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30 Jan 2019
Export fluxes of dissolved inorganic carbon to the northern Indian Ocean from the Indian monsoonal rivers
Moturi S. Krishna, Rongali Viswanadham, Mamidala H. K. Prasad, Vuravakonda R. Kumari, and Vedula V. S. S. Sarma
Biogeosciences, 16, 505–519,,, 2019
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22 Jan 2019
The post-monsoon carbon biogeochemistry of the Hooghly–Sundarbans estuarine system under different levels of anthropogenic impacts
Manab Kumar Dutta, Sanjeev Kumar, Rupa Mukherjee, Prasun Sanyal, and Sandip Kumar Mukhopadhyay
Biogeosciences, 16, 289–307,,, 2019
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26 Oct 2018
Longitudinal discontinuities in riverine greenhouse gas dynamics generated by dams and urban wastewater
Hyojin Jin, Tae Kyung Yoon, Most Shirina Begum, Eun-Ju Lee, Neung-Hwan Oh, Namgoo Kang, and Ji-Hyung Park
Biogeosciences, 15, 6349–6369,,, 2018
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22 Aug 2018
Geochemistry of the dissolved loads during high-flow season of rivers in the southeastern coastal region of China: anthropogenic impact on chemical weathering and carbon sequestration
Wenjing Liu, Zhifang Xu, Huiguo Sun, Tong Zhao, Chao Shi, and Taoze Liu
Biogeosciences, 15, 4955–4971,,, 2018
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15 Aug 2018
CO2 partial pressure and CO2 emission along the lower Red River (Vietnam)
Thi Phuong Quynh Le, Cyril Marchand, Cuong Tu Ho, Nhu Da Le, Thi Thuy Duong, XiXi Lu, Phuong Kieu Doan, Trung Kien Nguyen, Thi Mai Huong Nguyen, and Duy An Vu
Biogeosciences, 15, 4799–4814,,, 2018
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27 Jun 2018
Riverine carbon export in the arid to semiarid Wuding River catchment on the Chinese Loess Plateau
Lishan Ran, Mingyang Tian, Nufang Fang, Suiji Wang, Xixi Lu, Xiankun Yang, and Frankie Cho
Biogeosciences, 15, 3857–3871,,, 2018
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17 May 2018
Reviews and syntheses: Anthropogenic perturbations to carbon fluxes in Asian river systems – concepts, emerging trends, and research challenges
Ji-Hyung Park, Omme K. Nayna, Most S. Begum, Eliyan Chea, Jens Hartmann, Richard G. Keil, Sanjeev Kumar, Xixi Lu, Lishan Ran, Jeffrey E. Richey, Vedula V. S. S. Sarma, Shafi M. Tareq, Do Thi Xuan, and Ruihong Yu
Biogeosciences, 15, 3049–3069,,, 2018
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26 Mar 2018
Carbon dioxide emissions from the flat bottom and shallow Nam Theun 2 Reservoir: drawdown area as a neglected pathway to the atmosphere
Chandrashekhar Deshmukh, Frédéric Guérin, Axay Vongkhamsao, Sylvie Pighini, Phetdala Oudone, Saysoulinthone Sopraseuth, Arnaud Godon, Wanidaporn Rode, Pierre Guédant, Priscia Oliva, Stéphane Audry, Cyril Zouiten, Corinne Galy-Lacaux, Henri Robain, Olivier Ribolzi, Arun Kansal, Vincent Chanudet, Stéphane Descloux, and Dominique Serça
Biogeosciences, 15, 1775–1794,,, 2018
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22 Feb 2018
Carbon dynamics and CO2 and CH4 outgassing in the Mekong delta
Alberto V. Borges, Gwenaël Abril, and Steven Bouillon
Biogeosciences, 15, 1093–1114,,, 2018
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