Nitrogen and global change
Nitrogen and global change
Editor(s): M. Sutton, G. Billen, P. Cellier, J. W. Erisman, A. R. Mosier, E. Nemitz, H. van Grinsven, M. Voss, S. Reis, J. Sprent, C. Beier, and U. Skiba Overview paper
This special issue reports the detail of the scientific findings discussed at the international science conference Nitrogen and Global Change, held in Edinburgh on from 11–15 April, 2011. The papers discuss key aspects of reactive nitrogen (Nr) in the environment, including – but not limited to – the relevance of nitrogen for climate change and air quality, for food and energy security and for biodiversity and ecosystem health. While the focus is on Europe and terrestrial ecosystems, papers addressing issues from other parts of the world are represented, as well as contributions discussing the role of nitrogen in freshwater and marine environments. The papers published here in Biogeosciences thus reflect the full breadth of societal challenges related to human perturbation of the nitrogen cycle. As will be seen, the contributions are also broad in nature, covering the full suite of approaches, from measurement and modelling techniques, process understanding, temporal and spatial upscaling, to analysis of policy options and Nr biogeochemistry-economic interactions.

These papers form an accompaniment to the European Nitrogen Assessment, which was launched during the Nitrogen and Global Change Conference, and a series of other products including, earlier special issues, scientific proceedings, the ENA Launch Video and the Edinburgh Declaration on Reactive Nitrogen, as listed in full in the preface of this special issue by the guest editors.

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13 Jan 2012
Corrigendum to "Stand age and tree species affect N2O and CH4 exchange from afforested soils" published in Biogeosciences, 8, 2535–2546, 2011
J. R. Christiansen and P. Gundersen
Biogeosciences, 9, 269–270,,, 2012
11 May 2012
Preface ''Nitrogen & Global Change''
M. A. Sutton, S. Reis, G. Billen, P. Cellier, J. W. Erisman, A. R. Mosier, E. Nemitz, J. Sprent, H. van Grinsven, M. Voss, C. Beier, and U. Skiba
Biogeosciences, 9, 1691–1693,,, 2012
09 Jul 2013
Ammonia emissions from deciduous forest after leaf fall
K. Hansen, L. L. Sørensen, O. Hertel, C. Geels, C. A. Skjøth, B. Jensen, and E. Boegh
Biogeosciences, 10, 4577–4589,,, 2013
01 Mar 2013
The impact of four decades of annual nitrogen addition on dissolved organic matter in a boreal forest soil
M. O. Rappe-George, A. I. Gärdenäs, and D. B. Kleja
Biogeosciences, 10, 1365–1377,,, 2013
14 Dec 2012
Towards the use of dynamic growing seasons in a chemical transport model
A. Sakalli and D. Simpson
Biogeosciences, 9, 5161–5179,,, 2012
11 Mar 2013
Evaluation of a regional air-quality model with bidirectional NH3 exchange coupled to an agroecosystem model
J. O. Bash, E. J. Cooter, R. L. Dennis, J. T. Walker, and J. E. Pleim
Biogeosciences, 10, 1635–1645,,, 2013
15 Feb 2013
Nitrogen balance of a boreal Scots pine forest
J. F. J. Korhonen, M. Pihlatie, J. Pumpanen, H. Aaltonen, P. Hari, J. Levula, A.-J. Kieloaho, E. Nikinmaa, T. Vesala, and H. Ilvesniemi
Biogeosciences, 10, 1083–1095,,, 2013
14 Mar 2013
Environmental change impacts on the C- and N-cycle of European forests: a model comparison study
D. R. Cameron, M. Van Oijen, C. Werner, K. Butterbach-Bahl, R. Grote, E. Haas, G. B. M. Heuvelink, R. Kiese, J. Kros, M. Kuhnert, A. Leip, G. J. Reinds, H. I. Reuter, M. J. Schelhaas, W. De Vries, and J. Yeluripati
Biogeosciences, 10, 1751–1773,,, 2013
14 Nov 2012
A model for simulating the timelines of field operations at a European scale for use in complex dynamic models
N. J. Hutchings, G. J. Reinds, A. Leip, M. Wattenbach, J. F. Bienkowski, T. Dalgaard, U. Dragosits, J. L. Drouet, P. Durand, O. Maury, and W. de Vries
Biogeosciences, 9, 4487–4496,,, 2012
26 Feb 2013
Comparison of soil greenhouse gas fluxes from extensive and intensive grazing in a temperate maritime climate
U. Skiba, S. K. Jones, J. Drewer, C. Helfter, M. Anderson, K. Dinsmore, R. McKenzie, E. Nemitz, and M. A. Sutton
Biogeosciences, 10, 1231–1241,,, 2013
07 Oct 2013
Remote sensing of LAI, chlorophyll and leaf nitrogen pools of crop- and grasslands in five European landscapes
E. Boegh, R. Houborg, J. Bienkowski, C. F. Braban, T. Dalgaard, N. van Dijk, U. Dragosits, E. Holmes, V. Magliulo, K. Schelde, P. Di Tommasi, L. Vitale, M. R. Theobald, P. Cellier, and M. A. Sutton
Biogeosciences, 10, 6279–6307,,, 2013
13 Feb 2013
Interactions between leaf nitrogen status and longevity in relation to N cycling in three contrasting European forest canopies
L. Wang, A. Ibrom, J. F. J. Korhonen, K. F. Arnoud Frumau, J. Wu, M. Pihlatie, and J. K. Schjoerring
Biogeosciences, 10, 999–1011,,, 2013
22 Apr 2013
Nitrous oxide emissions from European agriculture – an analysis of variability and drivers of emissions from field experiments
R. M. Rees, J. Augustin, G. Alberti, B. C. Ball, P. Boeckx, A. Cantarel, S. Castaldi, N. Chirinda, B. Chojnicki, M. Giebels, H. Gordon, B. Grosz, L. Horvath, R. Juszczak, Å. Kasimir Klemedtsson, L. Klemedtsson, S. Medinets, A. Machon, F. Mapanda, J. Nyamangara, J. E. Olesen, D. S. Reay, L. Sanchez, A. Sanz Cobena, K. A. Smith, A. Sowerby, M. Sommer, J. F. Soussana, M. Stenberg, C. F. E. Topp, O. van Cleemput, A. Vallejo, C. A. Watson, and M. Wuta
Biogeosciences, 10, 2671–2682,,, 2013
18 Mar 2013
Nitrous oxide emissions from crop rotations including wheat, oilseed rape and dry peas
M. H. Jeuffroy, E. Baranger, B. Carrouée, E. de Chezelles, M. Gosme, C. Hénault, A. Schneider, and P. Cellier
Biogeosciences, 10, 1787–1797,,, 2013
04 Dec 2012
Governing processes for reactive nitrogen compounds in the European atmosphere
O. Hertel, C. A. Skjøth, S. Reis, A. Bleeker, R. M. Harrison, J. N. Cape, D. Fowler, U. Skiba, D. Simpson, T. Jickells, M. Kulmala, S. Gyldenkærne, L. L. Sørensen, J. W. Erisman, and M. A. Sutton
Biogeosciences, 9, 4921–4954,,, 2012
04 Dec 2012
The effect of cattle slurry in combination with nitrate and the nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide on in situ nitrous oxide and dinitrogen emissions
K. L. McGeough, R. J. Laughlin, C. J. Watson, C. Müller, M. Ernfors, E. Cahalan, and K. G. Richards
Biogeosciences, 9, 4909–4919,,, 2012
09 Jan 2013
Estimation of nitrogen budgets for contrasting catchments at the landscape scale
E. Vogt, C. F. Braban, U. Dragosits, M. R. Theobald, M. F. Billett, A. J. Dore, Y. S. Tang, N. van Dijk, R. M. Rees, C. McDonald, S. Murray, U. M. Skiba, and M. A. Sutton
Biogeosciences, 10, 119–133,,, 2013
20 Dec 2012
Farm nitrogen balances in six European landscapes as an indicator for nitrogen losses and basis for improved management
T. Dalgaard, J. F. Bienkowski, A. Bleeker, U. Dragosits, J. L. Drouet, P. Durand, A. Frumau, N. J. Hutchings, A. Kedziora, V. Magliulo, J. E. Olesen, M. R. Theobald, O. Maury, N. Akkal, and P. Cellier
Biogeosciences, 9, 5303–5321,,, 2012
10 Jan 2013
Fate of N in a peatland, Whim bog: immobilisation in the vegetation and peat, leakage into pore water and losses as N2O depend on the form of N
L. J. Sheppard, I. D. Leith, S. R. Leeson, N. van Dijk, C. Field, and P. Levy
Biogeosciences, 10, 149–160,,, 2013
09 Nov 2012
Organic nitrogen in precipitation across Europe
J. N. Cape, Y. S. Tang, J. M. González-Beníez, M. Mitošinková, U. Makkonen, M. Jocher, and A. Stolk
Biogeosciences, 9, 4401–4409,,, 2012
12 Feb 2013
Processes of ammonia air–surface exchange in a fertilized Zea mays canopy
J. T. Walker, M. R. Jones, J. O. Bash, L. Myles, T. Meyers, D. Schwede, J. Herrick, E. Nemitz, and W. Robarge
Biogeosciences, 10, 981–998,,, 2013
15 Nov 2012
Spatial distribution of soils determines export of nitrogen and dissolved organic carbon from an intensively managed agricultural landscape
T. Wohlfart, J.-F. Exbrayat, K. Schelde, B. Christen, T. Dalgaard, H.-G. Frede, and L. Breuer
Biogeosciences, 9, 4513–4525,,, 2012
14 Dec 2012
Management, regulation and environmental impacts of nitrogen fertilization in northwestern Europe under the Nitrates Directive; a benchmark study
H. J. M. van Grinsven, H. F. M. ten Berge, T. Dalgaard, B. Fraters, P. Durand, A. Hart, G. Hofman, B. H. Jacobsen, S. T. J. Lalor, J. P. Lesschen, B. Osterburg, K. G. Richards, A.-K. Techen, F. Vertès, J. Webb, and W. J. Willems
Biogeosciences, 9, 5143–5160,,, 2012
23 Nov 2012
Comparative analysis of the influence of climate change and nitrogen deposition on carbon sequestration in forest ecosystems in European Russia: simulation modelling approach
A. S. Komarov and V. N. Shanin
Biogeosciences, 9, 4757–4770,,, 2012
02 Nov 2012
Measuring the biosphere-atmosphere exchange of total reactive nitrogen by eddy covariance
C. Ammann, V. Wolff, O. Marx, C. Brümmer, and A. Neftel
Biogeosciences, 9, 4247–4261,,, 2012
18 Oct 2012
Atmospheric reactive nitrogen concentrations at ten sites with contrasting land use in an arid region of central Asia
K. H. Li, W. Song, X. J. Liu, J. L. Shen, X. S. Luo, X. Q. Sui, B. Liu, Y. K. Hu, P. Christie, and C. Y. Tian
Biogeosciences, 9, 4013–4021,,, 2012
16 Nov 2012
Estimating nitrogen fluxes at the European scale by upscaling INTEGRATOR model outputs from selected sites
G. J. Reinds, G. B. M. Heuvelink, T. Hoogland, J. Kros, and W. de Vries
Biogeosciences, 9, 4527–4536,,, 2012
20 Nov 2012
Uncertainties in model predictions of nitrogen fluxes from agro-ecosystems in Europe
J. Kros, G. B. M. Heuvelink, G. J. Reinds, J. P. Lesschen, V. Ioannidi, and W. De Vries
Biogeosciences, 9, 4573–4588,,, 2012
19 Oct 2012
Linking agricultural crop management and air quality models for regional to national-scale nitrogen assessments
E. J. Cooter, J. O. Bash, V. Benson, and L. Ran
Biogeosciences, 9, 4023–4035,,, 2012
17 Oct 2012
The response of methane and nitrous oxide fluxes to forest change in Europe
P. Gundersen, J. R. Christiansen, G. Alberti, N. Brüggemann, S. Castaldi, R. Gasche, B. Kitzler, L. Klemedtsson, R. Lobo-do-Vale, F. Moldan, T. Rütting, P. Schleppi, P. Weslien, and S. Zechmeister-Boltenstern
Biogeosciences, 9, 3999–4012,,, 2012
23 Aug 2012
Regional analysis of groundwater nitrate concentrations and trends in Denmark in regard to agricultural influence
B. Hansen, T. Dalgaard, L. Thorling, B. Sørensen, and M. Erlandsen
Biogeosciences, 9, 3277–3286,,, 2012
17 Oct 2012
Parameter-induced uncertainty quantification of soil N2O, NO and CO2 emission from Höglwald spruce forest (Germany) using the LandscapeDNDC model
K.-H. Rahn, C. Werner, R. Kiese, E. Haas, and K. Butterbach-Bahl
Biogeosciences, 9, 3983–3998,,, 2012
18 Dec 2012
Modeling the distribution of ammonia across Europe including bi-directional surface–atmosphere exchange
R. J. Wichink Kruit, M. Schaap, F. J. Sauter, M. C. van Zanten, and W. A. J. van Pul
Biogeosciences, 9, 5261–5277,,, 2012
04 Oct 2012
Synthesizing greenhouse gas fluxes across nine European peatlands and shrublands – responses to climatic and environmental changes
M. S. Carter, K. S. Larsen, B. Emmett, M. Estiarte, C. Field, I. D. Leith, M. Lund, A. Meijide, R. T. E. Mills, Ü. Niinemets, J. Peñuelas, M. Portillo-Estrada, I. K. Schmidt, M. B. Selsted, L. J. Sheppard, A. Sowerby, A. Tietema, and C. Beier
Biogeosciences, 9, 3739–3755,,, 2012
31 Oct 2012
N2O emissions from the global agricultural nitrogen cycle – current state and future scenarios
B. L. Bodirsky, A. Popp, I. Weindl, J. P. Dietrich, S. Rolinski, L. Scheiffele, C. Schmitz, and H. Lotze-Campen
Biogeosciences, 9, 4169–4197,,, 2012
26 Oct 2012
Theoretical and practical limitations of the acetylene inhibition technique to determine total denitrification losses
R. Felber, F. Conen, C. R. Flechard, and A. Neftel
Biogeosciences, 9, 4125–4138,,, 2012
21 Aug 2012
Following the N2O consumption in the oxygen minimum zone of the eastern South Pacific
M. Cornejo and L. Farías
Biogeosciences, 9, 3205–3212,,, 2012
30 Jul 2012
N2O emission from organic barley cultivation as affected by green manure management
S. Nadeem, S. Hansen, M. Azzaroli Bleken, and P. Dörsch
Biogeosciences, 9, 2747–2759,,, 2012
04 Jul 2012
Production of oceanic nitrous oxide by ammonia-oxidizing archaea
C. R. Löscher, A. Kock, M. Könneke, J. LaRoche, H. W. Bange, and R. A. Schmitz
Biogeosciences, 9, 2419–2429,,, 2012
24 Jan 2013
Nitrogen food-print: N use related to meat and dairy consumption in France
P. Chatzimpiros and S. Barles
Biogeosciences, 10, 471–481,,, 2013
17 Jul 2012
Improved modelling of atmospheric ammonia over Denmark using the coupled modelling system DAMOS
C. Geels, H. V. Andersen, C. Ambelas Skjøth, J. H. Christensen, T. Ellermann, P. Løfstrøm, S. Gyldenkærne, J. Brandt, K. M. Hansen, L. M. Frohn, and O. Hertel
Biogeosciences, 9, 2625–2647,,, 2012
07 Dec 2012
Abundance and distribution of gaseous ammonia and particulate ammonium at Delhi, India
S. Singh and U. C. Kulshrestha
Biogeosciences, 9, 5023–5029,,, 2012
02 May 2012
Seasonal variation in nitrogen pools and 15N/13C natural abundances in different tissues of grassland plants
L. Wang and J. K. Schjoerring
Biogeosciences, 9, 1583–1595,,, 2012
21 May 2012
Decadal variability of soil CO2, NO, N2O, and CH4 fluxes at the Höglwald Forest, Germany
G. J. Luo, N. Brüggemann, B. Wolf, R. Gasche, R. Grote, and K. Butterbach-Bahl
Biogeosciences, 9, 1741–1763,,, 2012
03 May 2012
The influence of model grid resolution on estimation of national scale nitrogen deposition and exceedance of critical loads
A. J. Dore, M. Kryza, J. R. Hall, S. Hallsworth, V. J. D. Keller, M. Vieno, and M. A. Sutton
Biogeosciences, 9, 1597–1609,,, 2012
07 Aug 2012
Spatial and temporal variability of nitrous oxide emissions in a mixed farming landscape of Denmark
K. Schelde, P. Cellier, T. Bertolini, T. Dalgaard, T. Weidinger, M. R. Theobald, and J. E. Olesen
Biogeosciences, 9, 2989–3002,,, 2012
04 May 2012
The nitrogen isotope effect of benthic remineralization-nitrification-denitrification coupling in an estuarine environment
M. Alkhatib, M. F. Lehmann, and P. A. del Giorgio
Biogeosciences, 9, 1633–1646,,, 2012
19 Apr 2012
Spatial variations of nitrogen trace gas emissions from tropical mountain forests in Nyungwe, Rwanda
N. Gharahi Ghehi, C. Werner, L. Cizungu Ntaboba, J. J. Mbonigaba Muhinda, E. Van Ranst, K. Butterbach-Bahl, R. Kiese, and P. Boeckx
Biogeosciences, 9, 1451–1463,,, 2012
20 Apr 2012
Greenhouse gas emissions from the grassy outdoor run of organic broilers
B. Meda, C. R. Flechard, K. Germain, P. Robin, C. Walter, and M. Hassouna
Biogeosciences, 9, 1493–1508,,, 2012
24 Apr 2012
Interactions between uptake of amino acids and inorganic nitrogen in wheat plants
E. Gioseffi, A. de Neergaard, and J. K. Schjoerring
Biogeosciences, 9, 1509–1518,,, 2012
28 Mar 2012
Critical loads of nitrogen deposition and critical levels of atmospheric ammonia for semi-natural Mediterranean evergreen woodlands
P. Pinho, M. R. Theobald, T. Dias, Y. S. Tang, C. Cruz, M. A. Martins-Loução, C. Máguas, M. Sutton, and C. Branquinho
Biogeosciences, 9, 1205–1215,,, 2012
31 Jan 2012
Localising the nitrogen imprint of the Paris food supply: the potential of organic farming and changes in human diet
G. Billen, J. Garnier, V. Thieu, M. Silvestre, S. Barles, and P. Chatzimpiros
Biogeosciences, 9, 607–616,,, 2012
26 Mar 2012
Budget of N2O emissions at the watershed scale: role of land cover and topography (the Orgeval basin, France)
G. Vilain, J. Garnier, P. Passy, M. Silvestre, and G. Billen
Biogeosciences, 9, 1085–1097,,, 2012
26 Apr 2012
Investigating the stomatal, cuticular and soil ammonia fluxes over a growing tritical crop under high acidic loads
B. Loubet, C. Decuq, E. Personne, R. S. Massad, C. Flechard, O. Fanucci, N. Mascher, J.-C. Gueudet, S. Masson, B. Durand, S. Genermont, Y. Fauvel, and P. Cellier
Biogeosciences, 9, 1537–1552,,, 2012
07 Mar 2012
Sea-to-air and diapycnal nitrous oxide fluxes in the eastern tropical North Atlantic Ocean
A. Kock, J. Schafstall, M. Dengler, P. Brandt, and H. W. Bange
Biogeosciences, 9, 957–964,,, 2012
03 May 2012
Are ammonia emissions from field-applied slurry substantially over-estimated in European emission inventories?
J. Sintermann, A. Neftel, C. Ammann, C. Häni, A. Hensen, B. Loubet, and C. R. Flechard
Biogeosciences, 9, 1611–1632,,, 2012
18 Jan 2012
Nitrogen balance and fate in a heavily impacted watershed (Oglio River, Northern Italy): in quest of the missing sources and sinks
M. Bartoli, E. Racchetti, C. A. Delconte, E. Sacchi, E. Soana, A. Laini, D. Longhi, and P. Viaroli
Biogeosciences, 9, 361–373,,, 2012
21 Dec 2011
Seasonal trends and environmental controls of methane emissions in a rice paddy field in Northern Italy
A. Meijide, G. Manca, I. Goded, V. Magliulo, P. di Tommasi, G. Seufert, and A. Cescatti
Biogeosciences, 8, 3809–3821,,, 2011
04 Jan 2012
Spatialized N budgets in a large agricultural Mediterranean watershed: high loading and low transfer
L. Lassaletta, E. Romero, G. Billen, J. Garnier, H. García-Gómez, and J. V. Rovira
Biogeosciences, 9, 57–70,,, 2012
15 Nov 2011
Simulation of nitrogen deposition in the North China Plain by the FRAME model
Y. Zhang, A. J. Dore, X. Liu, and F. Zhang
Biogeosciences, 8, 3319–3329,,, 2011
11 Jan 2012
Contrasting biogeochemistry of nitrogen in the Atlantic and Pacific Oxygen Minimum Zones
E. Ryabenko, A. Kock, H. W. Bange, M. A. Altabet, and D. W. R. Wallace
Biogeosciences, 9, 203–215,,, 2012
11 Jan 2012
The strength of the biotic compartment in retaining nitrogen additions prevents nitrogen losses from a Mediterranean maquis
T. Dias, M. A. Martins-Loução, L. Sheppard, and C. Cruz
Biogeosciences, 9, 193–201,,, 2012
08 May 2012
Modelling the contribution of short-range atmospheric and hydrological transfers to nitrogen fluxes, budgets and indirect emissions in rural landscapes
J.-L. Drouet, S. Duretz, P. Durand, and P. Cellier
Biogeosciences, 9, 1647–1660,,, 2012
01 Dec 2011
Impacts of nitrogen deposition on vascular plants in Britain: an analysis of two national observation networks
P. A. Henrys, C. J. Stevens, S. M. Smart, L. C. Maskell, K. J. Walker, C. D. Preston, A. Crowe, E. C. Rowe, D. J. Gowing, and B. A. Emmett
Biogeosciences, 8, 3501–3518,,, 2011
31 Oct 2011
New estimates of direct N2O emissions from Chinese croplands from 1980 to 2007 using localized emission factors
B. Gao, X. T. Ju, Q. Zhang, P. Christie, and F. S. Zhang
Biogeosciences, 8, 3011–3024,,, 2011
12 Oct 2011
Predicting and partitioning ozone fluxes to maize crops from sowing to harvest: the Surfatm-O3 model
P. Stella, E. Personne, B. Loubet, E. Lamaud, E. Ceschia, P. Béziat, J. M. Bonnefond, M. Irvine, P. Keravec, N. Mascher, and P. Cellier
Biogeosciences, 8, 2869–2886,,, 2011
08 Dec 2011
The significance of nitrous oxide emission due to cropping of grain for biofuel production: a Swedish perspective
Å. Kasimir Klemedtsson and K. A. Smith
Biogeosciences, 8, 3581–3591,,, 2011
28 Oct 2011
Modeling nitrogen loading in a small watershed in southwest China using a DNDC model with hydrological enhancements
J. Deng, Z. Zhou, B. Zhu, X. Zheng, C. Li, X. Wang, and Z. Jian
Biogeosciences, 8, 2999–3009,,, 2011
07 Nov 2011
Life-cycle evaluation of nitrogen-use in rice-farming systems: implications for economically-optimal nitrogen rates
Y. Xia and X. Yan
Biogeosciences, 8, 3159–3168,,, 2011
09 Sep 2011
Stand age and tree species affect N2O and CH4 exchange from afforested soils
J. R. Christiansen and P. Gundersen
Biogeosciences, 8, 2535–2546,,, 2011
26 Aug 2011
Nitrogen enrichment enhances the dominance of grasses over forbs in a temperate steppe ecosystem
L. Song, X. Bao, X. Liu, Y. Zhang, P. Christie, A. Fangmeier, and F. Zhang
Biogeosciences, 8, 2341–2350,,, 2011
CC BY 4.0