Articles | Volume 10, issue 11
Research article
27 Nov 2013
Research article |  | 27 Nov 2013

Arctic gypsum endoliths: a biogeochemical characterization of a viable and active microbial community

L. A. Ziolkowski, N. C. S. Mykytczuk, C. R. Omelon, H. Johnson, L. G. Whyte, and G. F. Slater

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Astrobiology and Exobiology: Extreme Environments, Brines & Hydrothermal
Biodiversity and trophic ecology of hydrothermal vent fauna associated with tubeworm assemblages on the Juan de Fuca Ridge
Yann Lelièvre, Jozée Sarrazin, Julien Marticorena, Gauthier Schaal, Thomas Day, Pierre Legendre, Stéphane Hourdez, and Marjolaine Matabos
Biogeosciences, 15, 2629–2647,,, 2018
Short summary
Nitrification of archaeal ammonia oxidizers in a high- temperature hot spring
Shun Chen, Xiaotong Peng, Hengchao Xu, and Kaiwen Ta
Biogeosciences, 13, 2051–2060,,, 2016
Short summary
Fluid chemistry of the low temperature hyperalkaline hydrothermal system of Prony Bay (New Caledonia)
C. Monnin, V. Chavagnac, C. Boulart, B. Ménez, M. Gérard, E. Gérard, C. Pisapia, M. Quéméneur, G. Erauso, A. Postec, L. Guentas-Dombrowski, C. Payri, and B. Pelletier
Biogeosciences, 11, 5687–5706,,, 2014
Saturated CO2 inhibits microbial processes in CO2-vented deep-sea sediments
D. de Beer, M. Haeckel, J. Neumann, G. Wegener, F. Inagaki, and A. Boetius
Biogeosciences, 10, 5639–5649,,, 2013
Activity and abundance of denitrifying bacteria in the subsurface biosphere of diffuse hydrothermal vents of the Juan de Fuca Ridge
A. Bourbonnais, S. K. Juniper, D. A. Butterfield, A. H. Devol, M. M. M. Kuypers, G. Lavik, S. J. Hallam, C. B. Wenk, B. X. Chang, S. A. Murdock, and M. F. Lehmann
Biogeosciences, 9, 4661–4678,,, 2012

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