Articles | Volume 13, issue 19
Biogeosciences, 13, 5633–5647, 2016

Special issue: Hydrography, biogeochemistry, and biology of "dead-zone eddies"...

Biogeosciences, 13, 5633–5647, 2016

Research article 10 Oct 2016

Research article | 10 Oct 2016

Oxygen utilization and downward carbon flux in an oxygen-depleted eddy in the eastern tropical North Atlantic

Björn Fiedler et al.

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Oxygen Utilization and Downward Carbon Flux in an Oxygen-Depleted Eddy in the Eastern Tropical North Atlantic B. Fiedler, D. Grundle, F. Schütte, J. Karstensen, C. Löscher, H. Hauss, H. Wagner, A. Loginova, R. Kiko, P. Silva, and A. Körtzinger

Short summary
Oxygen-depleted mesoscale features in the open eastern tropical North Atlantic, which are formed in the Mauritanian upwelling region, were discovered recently. This study examines biogeochemical structure and magnitudes of related processes within these isolated water masses. We found very low oxygen concentrations and strongly enhanced acidity at near-surface depth. Oxygen utilization and downward carbon export were found to exceed known values for this ocean region.
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