Articles | Volume 14, issue 4
Research article
02 Mar 2017
Research article |  | 02 Mar 2017

Biogeochemical cycling and phyto- and bacterioplankton communities in a large and shallow tropical lagoon (Términos Lagoon, Mexico) under 2009–2010 El Niño Modoki drought conditions

Pascal Conan, Mireille Pujo-Pay, Marina Agab, Laura Calva-Benítez, Sandrine Chifflet, Pascal Douillet, Claire Dussud, Renaud Fichez, Christian Grenz, Francisco Gutierrez Mendieta, Montserrat Origel-Moreno, Arturo Rodríguez-Blanco, Caroline Sauret, Tatiana Severin, Marc Tedetti, Rocío Torres Alvarado, and Jean-François Ghiglione

Data sets

Data JEST - Terminos Lagoon cruise from october/november 2009 P. Conan

Short summary
Coastal lagoons are extremely rich, diverse, and dynamic but very fragile ecosystems subject to anthropogenic pressures. A joint France–Mexico biogeochemical study was conducted in the Términos Lagoon under severe drought related to an El Niño Modoki episode. In short, the water column of the Términos Lagoon functioned as a nitrogen sink, but variation in mineral stoichiometry across the lagoon mainly accounted for the heterogeneity in microbial distribution and activity.
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