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Research article
13 Aug 2018
Research article |  | 13 Aug 2018

Imprint of Southern Ocean mesoscale eddies on chlorophyll

Ivy Frenger, Matthias Münnich, and Nicolas Gruber

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Southern Ocean mesoscale eddies Ivy Frenger

Short summary
Although mesoscale ocean eddies are ubiquitous in the Southern Ocean (SO), their regional and seasonal association with phytoplankton has not been quantified. We identify over 100 000 eddies and determine the associated phytoplankton biomass anomalies using satellite-based chlorophyll (Chl) as a proxy. The emerging Chl anomalies can be explained largely by lateral advection of Chl by eddies. This impact of eddies on phytoplankton may implicate downstream effects on SO biogeochemical properties.
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