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30 Jan 2018
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 30 Jan 2018

Modelling ocean-colour-derived chlorophyll a

Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Anna E. Hickman, and Oliver Jahn

Data sets

Simulated surface Chl, satellite-like derived Chl, and remotely sensed reflectance S. Dutkiewicz and O. Jahn

Model code and software

Monod_radtrans numerical code S. Dutkiewicz

Short summary
This study provides a demonstration that a biogeochemical/ecosystem/optical computer model which explicitly captures how light is radiated at the surface of the ocean and can be used as a laboratory to explore products (such as Chl a) that are derived from satellite measurements of ocean colour. It explores uncertainties that arise from data input used to derive the algorithms for the products, and issues arising from the interplay between optically important constituents in the ocean.
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