Articles | Volume 15, issue 21
Ideas and perspectives
02 Nov 2018
Ideas and perspectives |  | 02 Nov 2018

Ideas and perspectives: Tree–atmosphere interaction responds to water-related stem variations

Tim van Emmerik, Susan Steele-Dunne, Pierre Gentine, Rafael S. Oliveira, Paulo Bittencourt, Fernanda Barros, and Nick van de Giesen

Data sets

Tree sway of 19 Amazon trees T. van Emmerik, S. Steele-Dunne, M. Guerin, P. Gentine, R. S. Oliveira, R. Hut, J. Wagner, J. Selker, and N. van de Giesen

Short summary
Trees are very important for the water and carbon cycles. Climate and weather models often assume constant vegetation parameters because good measurements are missing. We used affordable accelerometers to measure tree sway of 19 trees in the Amazon rainforest. We show that trees respond very differently to the same weather conditions, which means that vegetation parameters are dynamic. With our measurements trees can be accounted for more realistically, improving climate and weather models.
Final-revised paper