Articles | Volume 15, issue 21
Biogeosciences, 15, 6537–6557, 2018
Biogeosciences, 15, 6537–6557, 2018

Research article 07 Nov 2018

Research article | 07 Nov 2018

Carbon and nitrogen turnover in the Arctic deep sea: in situ benthic community response to diatom and coccolithophorid phytodetritus

Ulrike Braeckman et al.

Data sets

Carbon and nitrogen turnover during an in situ experiment with addition of Thalassiosira sp. and E. huxleyi phytodetritus at AWI-HAUSGARTEN S2 in 2013 U. Braeckman, F. Janssen, G. Lavik, M. Elvert, H. K. Marchant, C. Buckner, C. Bienhold, and F. Wenzhöfer

Short summary
Global warming has altered Arctic phytoplankton communities, with unknown effects on deep-sea communities that depend strongly on food produced at the surface. We compared the responses of Arctic deep-sea benthos to input of phytodetritus from diatoms and coccolithophorids. Coccolithophorid carbon was 5× less recycled than diatom carbon. The utilization of the coccolithophorid carbon may be less efficient, so a shift from diatom to coccolithophorid blooms could entail a delay in carbon cycling.
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