Articles | Volume 16, issue 24
Biogeosciences, 16, 4875–4888, 2019
Biogeosciences, 16, 4875–4888, 2019

Research article 20 Dec 2019

Research article | 20 Dec 2019

Metabolic tradeoffs and heterogeneity in microbial responses to temperature determine the fate of litter carbon in simulations of a warmer world

Grace Pold et al.

Model code and software

Code for reproducing analyses G. Pold

Short summary
The litter decomposition model DEMENT was run under ambient temperatures and with 5 °C; of warming. We found that the loss of litter carbon to the atmosphere as CO2 was exacerbated by warming when the microbes in the model differed in their temperature responses, compared to when all microbes responded identically to warming. Our results therefore indicate that predicted changes in litter carbon stocks are sensitive to heterogeneity in key parameters of soil decomposer physiology.
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