Articles | Volume 17, issue 1
Research article
02 Jan 2020
Research article |  | 02 Jan 2020

Benthic alkalinity and dissolved inorganic carbon fluxes in the Rhône River prodelta generated by decoupled aerobic and anaerobic processes

Jens Rassmann, Eryn M. Eitel, Bruno Lansard, Cécile Cathalot, Christophe Brandily, Martial Taillefert, and Christophe Rabouille

Data sets

AMOR-Bflux porewater and sediment data J. Rassmann, E. M. Eitel, B. Lansard, C. Cathalot, C. Brandily, M. Taillefert, and C. Rabouille

Short summary
In this paper, we use a large set of measurements made using in situ and lab techniques to elucidate the cause of dissolved inorganic carbon fluxes in sediments from the Rhône delta and its companion compound alkalinity, which carries the absorption capacity of coastal waters with respect to atmospheric CO2. We show that sediment processes (sulfate reduction, FeS precipitation and accumulation) are crucial in generating the alkalinity fluxes observed in this study by in situ incubation chambers.
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