Articles | Volume 17, issue 12
Research article
18 Jun 2020
Research article |  | 18 Jun 2020

A revised pan-Arctic permafrost soil Hg pool based on Western Siberian peat Hg and carbon observations

Artem G. Lim, Martin Jiskra, Jeroen E. Sonke, Sergey V. Loiko, Natalia Kosykh, and Oleg S. Pokrovsky

Data sets

Permafrost stores a globally significant amount of mercury (Supplement) P. F. Schuster, K. M. Schaefer, G. R. Aiken, R. C. Antweiler, J. F. Dewild, J. D. Gryziec, A. Gusmeroli, G. Hugelius, E. Jafarov, D. P. Krabbenhoft, L. Liu, N. Herman-Mercer, C. Mu, D. A. Roth, T. Schaefer, R. G. Striegl, K. P. Wickland, and T. Zhang

Short summary
To better understand the mercury (Hg) content in northern soils, we measured Hg concentration in peat cores across a 1700 km permafrost gradient in Siberia. We demonstrated a northward increase in Hg concentration in peat and Hg pools in frozen peatlands. We revised the 0–30 cm northern soil Hg pool to be 72 Gg, which is 7 % of the global soil Hg pool of 1086 Gg. The results are important for understanding Hg exchange between soil, water, and the atmosphere under climate change in the Arctic.
Final-revised paper