Articles | Volume 17, issue 19
Research article
14 Oct 2020
Research article |  | 14 Oct 2020

Do degree and rate of silicate weathering depend on plant productivity?

Ralf A. Oeser and Friedhelm von Blanckenburg

Data sets

Dataset for evaluation element fluxes released by weathering and taken up by plants along the EarthShape climate and vegetation gradient. Oeser, Ralf A. and von Blanckenburg, Friedhelm

Short summary
We present a novel strategy to decipher the relative impact of biogenic and abiotic drivers of weathering. We parameterized the nutrient fluxes in four ecosystems along a climate and vegetation gradient situated on the Chilean Coastal Cordillera. We investigated how nutrient demand by plants drives weathering. We found that the increase in biomass nutrient demand is accommodated by faster nutrient recycling rather than an increase in the weathering–release rates.
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