Articles | Volume 17, issue 2
Biogeosciences, 17, 515–527, 2020
Biogeosciences, 17, 515–527, 2020

Research article 31 Jan 2020

Research article | 31 Jan 2020

The carbon footprint of a Malaysian tropical reservoir: measured versus modelled estimates highlight the underestimated key role of downstream processes

Cynthia Soued and Yves T. Prairie

Data sets

Carbon dioxide, methane, and chemical data from Batang Ai reservoir (Version 1.0.0) C. Soued and Y. Prairie

Short summary
Freshwater reservoirs emit greenhouse gases (GHGs) due to organic matter decay after landscape flooding. In order to better understand this phenomenon, we performed a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment of a tropical reservoir. Contrary to predictions, 89 % of measured emissions occurred downstream of the dam. Comparing predicted vs. measured emissions revealed weaknesses in our current modeling framework and insights to improve our ability to quantify and reduce reservoir GHG emissions.
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