Articles | Volume 18, issue 6
Research article
19 Mar 2021
Research article |  | 19 Mar 2021

Calibration of Mg ∕ Ca and Sr ∕ Ca in coastal marine ostracods as a proxy for temperature

Maximiliano Rodríguez and Christelle Not

Data sets

Ostracod Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca, Al/Ca and Fe/Ca ratios of Sinocytheridea impressa and Neomonoceratina delicata, Version 1.0 M. Rodriguez and C. Not

Short summary
Mg/Ca in calcium carbonate shells of marine organisms such as foraminifera and ostracods has been used as a proxy to reconstruct water temperature. Here we provide new Mg/Ca–temperature calibrations for two shallow marine species of ostracods. We show that the water temperature in spring produces the best calibrations, which suggests the potential use of ostracod shells to reconstruct this parameter at a seasonal scale.
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