Articles | Volume 18, issue 16
Research article
17 Aug 2021
Research article |  | 17 Aug 2021

Carbon balance of a Finnish bog: temporal variability and limiting factors based on 6 years of eddy-covariance data

Pavel Alekseychik, Aino Korrensalo, Ivan Mammarella, Samuli Launiainen, Eeva-Stiina Tuittila, Ilkka Korpela, and Timo Vesala

Data sets

FLUXNET-CH4 FI-Si2 Siikaneva-2 Bog T. Vesala, E.-S. Tuittila, I. Mammarella, and P. Alekseychik

Short summary
Bogs of northern Eurasia represent a major type of peatland ecosystem and contain vast amounts of carbon, but carbon balance monitoring studies on bogs are scarce. The current project explores 6 years of carbon balance data obtained using the state-of-the-art eddy-covariance technique at a Finnish bog Siikaneva. The results reveal relatively low interannual variability indicative of ecosystem resilience to both cool and hot summers and provide new insights into the seasonal course of C fluxes.
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