Articles | Volume 19, issue 7
Biogeosciences, 19, 2079–2094, 2022
Biogeosciences, 19, 2079–2094, 2022
Research article
14 Apr 2022
Research article | 14 Apr 2022

Organic matter characteristics of a rapidly eroding permafrost cliff in NE Siberia (Lena Delta, Laptev Sea region)

Charlotte Haugk et al.

Data sets

Organic matter characteristics using lipid biomarker analysis of a rapidly eroding permafrost cliff Charlotte Haugk, Loeka Laura Jongejans, Kai Mangelsdorf, Matthias Fuchs, Olga Ogneva, Juri Palmtag, Gesine Mollenhauer, Paul James Mann, Pier Paul Overduin, Guido Grosse, Tina Sanders, Robyn Tuerena, Lutz Schirrmeister, Sebastian Wetterich, Alexander Kizyakov, and Jens Strauss

Cryolithology of the Sobo-Sise Yedoma cliff (eastern Lena Delta) Sebastian Wetterich, Hanno Meyer, Michael Fritz, Thomas Opel, and Lutz Schirrmeister

Short summary
Buried animal and plant remains (carbon) from the last ice age were freeze-locked in permafrost. At an extremely fast eroding permafrost cliff in the Lena Delta (Siberia), we found this formerly frozen carbon well preserved. Our results show that ongoing degradation releases substantial amounts of this carbon, making it available for future carbon emissions. This mobilisation at the studied cliff and also similarly eroding sites bear the potential to affect rivers and oceans negatively.
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