Articles | Volume 19, issue 8
Biogeosciences, 19, 2235–2243, 2022
Biogeosciences, 19, 2235–2243, 2022
Research article
26 Apr 2022
Research article | 26 Apr 2022

Changes of the aerodynamic characteristics of a flux site after an extensive windthrow

Bruna R. F. Oliveira et al.

Data sets

Daily Carbon Dioxide fluxes measured by an eddy-covariance station in a recently burnt Mediterranean pine stand in Central Portugal B. R. F. Oliveira, J. J. Keizer, and T. Foken

Model code and software

Eddy-Covariance software TK3 M. Mauder and T. Foken

Short summary
This study analyzes the impacts of this windthrow on the aerodynamic characteristics of zero-plane displacement and roughness length and, ultimately, their implications for the turbulent fluxes. The turbulent fluxes were only affected to a minor degree by the windthrow, but the footprint area of the flux tower changed markedly so that the target area of the measurements had to be redetermined.
Final-revised paper