Articles | Volume 19, issue 20
Research article
19 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 19 Oct 2022

Composition and niche-specific characteristics of microbial consortia colonizing Marsberg copper mine in the Rhenish Massif

Sania Arif, Heiko Nacke, Elias Schliekmann, Andreas Reimer, Gernot Arp, and Michael Hoppert

Data sets

Composition and Niche-Specific Characteristics of Microbial Consortia Colonizing Marsberg Copper Mine in the Rhenish Massif Sania Arif

Pathway maps for Metagenome-assembled genome sequences from Marsberg Kilianstollen Sania Arif

Short summary
The natural enrichment of Chloroflexi (Ktedonobacteria) at the Kilianstollen Marsberg copper mine rocks being exposed to the acidic sulfate-rich leachate led to an investigation of eight metagenomically assembled genomes (MAGs) involved in copper and other transition heavy metal resistance in addition to low pH resistance and aromatic compounds degradation. The present study offers functional insights about a novel cold-adapted Ktedonobacteria MAG extremophily along with other phyla MAGs.
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