Articles | Volume 19, issue 3
Research article
04 Feb 2022
Research article |  | 04 Feb 2022

Dimethylated sulfur compounds in the Peruvian upwelling system

Yanan Zhao, Dennis Booge, Christa A. Marandino, Cathleen Schlundt, Astrid Bracher, Elliot L. Atlas, Jonathan Williams, and Hermann W. Bange

Data sets

Pigment measured on water bottle samples during METEOR cruise M91 H. Hepach, B. Quack, S. Tegtmeier, A. Engel, A. Bracher, S. Fuhlbrügge, L. Galgani, E. L. Atlas, J. Lampel, U. Frieß, and K. Krüger

Phytoplankton pigment concentrations during RV Sonne cruise SO243 A. Bracher

Short summary
We present here, for the first time, simultaneously measured dimethylsulfide (DMS) seawater concentrations and DMS atmospheric mole fractions from the Peruvian upwelling region during two cruises in December 2012 and October 2015. Our results indicate low oceanic DMS concentrations and atmospheric DMS molar fractions in surface waters and the atmosphere, respectively. In addition, the Peruvian upwelling region was identified as an insignificant source of DMS emissions during both periods.
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