Articles | Volume 20, issue 11
Research article
12 Jun 2023
Research article |  | 12 Jun 2023

Distributions of bacteriohopanepolyols in lakes and coastal lagoons of the Azores Archipelago

Nora Richter, Ellen C. Hopmans, Danica Mitrović, Pedro M. Raposeiro, Vítor Gonçalves, Ana C. Costa, Linda A. Amaral-Zettler, Laura Villanueva, and Darci Rush

Data sets

Sharing and community curation of mass spectrometry data with Global Natural Products Social Molecular Networking ( M. Wang, J. J. Carver, V. V. Phelan, et al.

Short summary
Bacteriohopanepolyols (BHPs) are a diverse class of lipids produced by bacteria across a wide range of environments. This study characterizes the diversity of BHPs in lakes and coastal lagoons in the Azores Archipelago, as well as a co-culture enriched for methanotrophs. We highlight the potential of BHPs as taxonomic markers for bacteria associated with certain ecological niches, which can be preserved in sedimentary records.
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