Articles | Volume 20, issue 15
Research article
04 Aug 2023
Research article |  | 04 Aug 2023

Historical variation in the normalized difference vegetation index compared with soil moisture in a taiga forest ecosystem in northeastern Siberia

Aleksandr Nogovitcyn, Ruslan Shakhmatov, Tomoki Morozumi, Shunsuke Tei, Yumiko Miyamoto, Nagai Shin, Trofim C. Maximov, and Atsuko Sugimoto

Data sets

Larch needle C/N and carbon and nitrogen isotopes at Spasskaya Pad A. Nogovitcyn, R. Shakhmatov, S. Tei, A. Popova, S. Saito, T. C. Maximov, and A. Sugimoto

Soil moisture at Spasskaya Pad A. Nogovitcyn, R. Shakhmatov, A. Ueta, S. Tei, H. Shimada, G. Iwahana, T. C. Maximov, and A. Sugimoto

Short summary
The taiga ecosystem in northeastern Siberia changed during the extreme wet event in 2007. Before the wet event, the NDVI in a typical larch forest showed a positive correlation with soil moisture, and after the event it showed a negative correlation. For both periods, NDVI correlated negatively with foliar C/N. These results indicate that high soil moisture availability after the event decreased needle production, which may have resulted from lower N availability.
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