Articles | Volume 20, issue 2
Research article
25 Jan 2023
Research article |  | 25 Jan 2023

Tracing differences in iron supply to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge valley between hydrothermal vent sites: implications for the addition of iron to the deep ocean

Alastair J. M. Lough, Alessandro Tagliabue, Clément Demasy, Joseph A. Resing, Travis Mellett, Neil J. Wyatt, and Maeve C. Lohan

Data sets

GEOTRACES IODP GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product Group (2021). The GEOTRACES Intermediate Data Product 2021 (IDP2021). NERC EDS British Oceanographic Data Centre NOC. DOI: 10.5285/cf2d9ba9-d51d-3b7c-e053-8486abc0f5fd .

Short summary
Iron is a key nutrient for ocean primary productivity. Hydrothermal vents are a source of iron to the oceans, but the size of this source is poorly understood. This study examines the variability in iron inputs between hydrothermal vents in different geological settings. The vents studied release different amounts of Fe, resulting in plumes with similar dissolved iron concentrations but different particulate concentrations. This will help to refine modelling of iron-limited ocean productivity.
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