Articles | Volume 21, issue 10
Research article
29 May 2024
Research article |  | 29 May 2024

Sorption of colored vs. noncolored organic matter by tidal marsh soils

Patrick J. Neale, J. Patrick Megonigal, Maria Tzortziou, Elizabeth A. Canuel, Christina R. Pondell, and Hannah Morrissette

Data sets

Sorption of Colored vs. Noncolored Organic Matter by Tidal Marsh Soils (1.0) Patrick Neale et al.

Short summary
Adsorption/desorption incubations were conducted with tidal marsh soils to understand the differential sorption behavior of colored vs. noncolored dissolved organic carbon. The wetland soils varied in organic content, and a range of salinities of fresh to 35 was used. Soils primarily adsorbed colored organic carbon and desorbed noncolored organic carbon. Sorption capacity increased with salinity, implying that salinity variations may shift composition of dissolved carbon in tidal marsh waters.
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