Articles | Volume 21, issue 1
Technical note
17 Jan 2024
Technical note |  | 17 Jan 2024

Technical note: An autonomous flow-through salinity and temperature perturbation mesocosm system for multi-stressor experiments

Cale A. Miller, Pierre Urrutti, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Steeve Comeau, Anaïs Lebrun, Samir Alliouane, Robert W. Schlegel, and Frédéric Gazeau

Data sets

Measurements of An Autonomous Flow through Salinity and Temperature Perturbation Mesocosm System for a Multi-stressor Experiment C. A. Miller, P. Urrutti, J.-P. Gattuso, S. Comeau, A. Lebrun, S. Alliouane, R. Schlegel, and F. Gazeau

Short summary
This work describes an experimental system that can replicate and manipulate environmental conditions in marine or aquatic systems. Here, we show how the temperature and salinity of seawater delivered from a fjord is manipulated to experimental tanks on land. By constantly monitoring temperature and salinity in each tank via a computer program, the system continuously adjusts automated flow valves to ensure the seawater in each tank matches the targeted experimental conditions.


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