Articles | Volume 13, issue 8
Research article
21 Apr 2016
Research article |  | 21 Apr 2016

Interannual variability of the atmospheric CO2 growth rate: roles of precipitation and temperature

Jun Wang, Ning Zeng, and Meirong Wang

Data sets

Mauna Loa CO2 C. D. Keeling, R. B. Bacastow, A. E. Bainbridge, C. A. Ekdahl, P. R. Guenther, L. S. Waterman, and J. F. S. Chin,

Globally averaged marine surface CO2 K. A. Masarie, and P. P. Tans

CRU TS 3.21 I. Harris, P. D. Jones, T. J. Osborn, and D. H. Lister

GLDAS-2 soil moisture M. Rodell, P. R. Houser, U. Jambor, J. Gottschalck, K. Mitchell, C. J. Meng, K. Arsenault, B. Cosgrove, J. Radakovich, M. Bosilovich, J. K. Entin, J. P. Walker, D. Lohmann, and D. Toll

HadSST2 N. A. Rayner, P. Brohan, D. E. Parker, C. K. Folland, J. J. Kennedy, M. Vanicek, T. J. Ansell, and S. F. B. Tett

TRENDY Project S. Sitch, P. Friedlingstein, N. Gruber, S. D. Jones, G. Murray-Tortarolo, A. Ahlström, S. C. Doney, H. Graven, C. Heinze, C. Huntingford, S. Levis, P. E. Levy, M. Lomas, B. Poulter, N. Viovy, S. Zaehle, N. Zeng, A. Arneth, G. Bonan, L. Bopp, J. G. Canadell, F. Chevallier, P. Ciais, 
R. Ellis, M. Gloor, P. Peylin, S. L. Piao, C. Le Quéré, B. Smith, Z. Zhu, and R. Myneni

Short summary
Relative contribution from precipitation and temperature to interannual variability (IAV) of atmospheric CO2 growth rate (CGR) remains uncertain. We found that CGR IAV has a slightly higher correlation coefficient with temperature than precipitation. However, Trendy models can well simulate the IAV and consistently show net primary production dominates it. These mechanistic analyses suggest a key role of precipitation in CGR IAV despite the higher CGR correlation with temperature.
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