Articles | Volume 15, issue 21
Research article
30 Oct 2018
Research article |  | 30 Oct 2018

Macrofaunal burrowing enhances deep-sea carbonate lithification on the Southwest Indian Ridge

Hengchao Xu, Xiaotong Peng, Shun Chen, Jiwei Li, Shamik Dasgupta, Kaiwen Ta, and Mengran Du

Data sets

Data.xlsx.figshare.Dataset H. Xu, X. Peng, S. Chen, J. Li, S. Dasgupta, K. Ta, and M. Du

Short summary
Processes involved in the formation of deep-sea carbonate rocks remain controversial. It is reported in present study that macrofaunal burrowing may trigger the dissolution of the original calcite above the saturation horizon and thus drive deep-sea carbonate lithification on mid-ocean ridges. The novel mechanism proposed here for nonburial carbonate lithification at the deep-sea seafloor sheds light on the potential interactions between deep-sea biota and sedimentary rocks.
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