Articles | Volume 16, issue 22
Research article
15 Nov 2019
Research article |  | 15 Nov 2019

Environmental factors influencing benthic communities in the oxygen minimum zones on the Angolan and Namibian margins

Ulrike Hanz, Claudia Wienberg, Dierk Hebbeln, Gerard Duineveld, Marc Lavaleye, Katriina Juva, Wolf-Christian Dullo, André Freiwald, Leonardo Tamborrino, Gert-Jan Reichart, Sascha Flögel, and Furu Mienis

Data sets

CTD-data from RV Meteor cruise M122 in 2016 off Angola D. Hebbeln

Lander data ALBEX U. Hanz

Short summary
Along the Namibian and Angolan margins, low oxygen conditions do not meet environmental ranges for cold–water corals and hence are expected to be unsuitable habitats. Environmental conditions show that tidal movements deliver water with more oxygen and high–quality organic matter, suggesting that corals compensate unfavorable conditions with availability of food. With the expected expansion of oxygen minimum zones in the future, this study provides an example how ecosystems cope with extremes.
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