Articles | Volume 18, issue 8
Biogeosciences, 18, 2429–2448, 2021
Biogeosciences, 18, 2429–2448, 2021

Research article 19 Apr 2021

Research article | 19 Apr 2021

Drivers and impact of the seasonal variability of the organic carbon offshore transport in the Canary upwelling system

Giulia Bonino et al.

Data sets

ROMS+NPZD model data: turbulent and mesoscale contribution to the transport of organic carbon in the Canary Upwelling System Elisa Lovecchio

Short summary
Seasonal variations of processes such as upwelling and biological production that happen along the northwestern African coast can modulate the temporal variability of the biological activity of the adjacent open North Atlantic hundreds of kilometers away from the coast thanks to the lateral transport of coastal organic carbon. This happens with a temporal delay, which is smaller than a season up to roughly 500 km from the coast due to the intense transport by small-scale filaments.
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