Articles | Volume 18, issue 12
Biogeosciences, 18, 3579–3603, 2021
Biogeosciences, 18, 3579–3603, 2021

Research article 17 Jun 2021

Research article | 17 Jun 2021

Revised fractional abundances and warm-season temperatures substantially improve brGDGT calibrations in lake sediments

Jonathan H. Raberg et al.

Data sets

brGDGT distributions and environmental parameters of lake sediments from the Eastern Canadian Arctic and Iceland, 2003-2019 Jonathan H. Raberg, David J. Harning, Sarah E. Crump, Greg de Wet, Aria Blumm, Sebastian Kopf, Áslaug Geirsdóttir, Gifford H. Miller, and Julio Sepúlveda

Short summary
BrGDGT lipids are a proxy for temperature in lake sediments, but other parameters like pH can influence them, and seasonality can affect the temperatures they record. We find a warm-season bias at 43 new high-latitude sites. We also present a new method that deconvolves the effects of temperature, pH, and conductivity and generate global calibrations for these variables. Our study provides new paleoclimate tools, insight into brGDGTs at the biochemical level, and a new method for future study.
Final-revised paper