Articles | Volume 18, issue 20
Reviews and syntheses
18 Oct 2021
Reviews and syntheses |  | 18 Oct 2021

Reviews and syntheses: Composition and characteristics of burrowing animals along a climate and ecological gradient, Chile

Kirstin Übernickel, Jaime Pizarro-Araya, Susila Bhagavathula, Leandro Paulino, and Todd A. Ehlers

Data sets

Burrowing vertebrates and invertebrates and their characteristics in Chile K. Übernickel, J. Pizarro-Araya, and S. Bhagavathula, S.

Short summary
Animal burrowing is important because it impacts the physical and chemical evolution of Earth’s surface. However, most studies are species specific, and compilations of animal community effects are missing. We present an inventory of the currently known 390 burrowing species for all of Chile along its climate gradient. We observed increasing amounts of excavated material from an area with dry conditions along a gradient towards more humid conditions.
Final-revised paper