Articles | Volume 18, issue 23
Research article
01 Dec 2021
Research article |  | 01 Dec 2021

Modelling long-term alluvial-peatland dynamics in temperate river floodplains

Ward Swinnen, Nils Broothaerts, and Gert Verstraeten

Data sets

Daily discharge measurements, Sint-Joris-Weert (Dijle) VMM (Flemish Environmental Agency)

Daily discharge measurements, Hulshout (Grote Nete) VMM (Flemish Environmental Agency)

Model code and software

model code alluvial peatlands (Swinnen et al., 2021 – Biogeosciences) W. Swinnen

Stream SE Manual version 2.0. (IVM Report; No. R-03/13) J. C. J. H. Aerts and L. M. Bouwer

Short summary
Here we present a new modelling framework specifically designed to simulate alluvial peat growth, taking into account the river dynamics. The results indicate that alluvial peat growth is strongly determined by the number, spacing and movement of the river channels in the floodplain, rather than by environmental changes or peat properties. As such, the amount of peat that can develop in a floodplain is strongly determined by the characteristics and dynamics of the local river network.
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