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05 Feb 2021
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 05 Feb 2021

A limited effect of sub-tropical typhoons on phytoplankton dynamics

Fei Chai, Yuntao Wang, Xiaogang Xing, Yunwei Yan, Huijie Xue, Mark Wells, and Emmanuel Boss

Data sets

MODIS Aqua Global Level 3 Mapped SST NASA OBPG

MODIS Aqua Chlorophyll Data NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Short summary
The unique observations by a Biogeochemical Argo float in the NW Pacific Ocean captured the impact of a super typhoon on upper-ocean physical and biological processes. Our result reveals typhoons can increase the surface chlorophyll through strong vertical mixing without bringing nutrients upward from the depth. The vertical redistribution of chlorophyll contributes little to enhance the primary production, which is contradictory to many former satellite-based studies related to this topic.
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