Articles | Volume 19, issue 20
Research article
17 Oct 2022
Research article |  | 17 Oct 2022

Sun-induced fluorescence as a proxy for primary productivity across vegetation types and climates

Mark Pickering, Alessandro Cescatti, and Gregory Duveiller

Data sets

Downscaled GOME2 SIF. European Commission G. Duveiller, C. Frankenberg, F. Filipponi, S. Walther, P. Köhler, L. Guanter, and A. Cescatti

Land cover classification gridded maps from 1992 to present derived from satellite observations P. Defourny

Global MODIS and FLUXNET-derived Daily Gross Primary Production, V2 J. Joiner and Y. Yoshida

ERA5-Land hourly data from 1981 to present J. Muñoz Sabater

ERA5-Land monthly averaged data from 1981 to present J. Muñoz Sabater

ESA: Land Cover CCI Product User Guide Version 2.0 E. CCI

FLUXCOM (RS+METEO) Global Land Carbon Fluxes using CRUNCEP climate data M. Jung and FLUXCOM Team

ERA5-Land monthly averaged data from 1981 to present J. Muñoz Sabater


Short summary
This study explores two of the most recent products in carbon productivity estimation, FLUXCOM gross primary productivity (GPP), calculated by upscaling local measurements of CO2 exchange, and remotely sensed sun-induced chlorophyll a fluorescence (SIF). High-resolution SIF data are valuable in demonstrating similarity in the SIF–GPP relationship between vegetation covers, provide an independent probe of the FLUXCOM GPP model and demonstrate the response of SIF to meteorological fluctuations.
Final-revised paper