Articles | Volume 20, issue 13
Research article
14 Jul 2023
Research article |  | 14 Jul 2023

Burned area and carbon emissions across northwestern boreal North America from 2001–2019

Stefano Potter, Sol Cooperdock, Sander Veraverbeke, Xanthe Walker, Michelle C. Mack, Scott J. Goetz, Jennifer Baltzer, Laura Bourgeau-Chavez, Arden Burrell, Catherine Dieleman, Nancy French, Stijn Hantson, Elizabeth E. Hoy, Liza Jenkins, Jill F. Johnstone, Evan S. Kane, Susan M. Natali, James T. Randerson, Merritt R. Turetsky, Ellen Whitman, Elizabeth Wiggins, and Brendan M. Rogers

Data sets

ABoVE: Burned Area, Depth, and Combustion, 2001–2019 S. Potter, S. Veraverbeke, X. J. Walker, M. C. Mack, S. J. Goetz, J. L. Baltzer, C. Dieleman, N. H. F. French, E. S. Kane, M. R. Turetsky, E. B. Wiggins, and B. M. Rogers

Short summary
Here we developed a new burned-area detection algorithm between 2001–2019 across Alaska and Canada at 500 m resolution. We estimate 2.37 Mha burned annually between 2001–2019 over the domain, emitting 79.3 Tg C per year, with a mean combustion rate of 3.13 kg C m−2. We found larger-fire years were generally associated with greater mean combustion. The burned-area and combustion datasets described here can be used for local- to continental-scale applications of boreal fire science.
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