Articles | Volume 14, issue 23
Research article
01 Dec 2017
Research article |  | 01 Dec 2017

The short-term combined effects of temperature and organic matter enrichment on permeable coral reef carbonate sediment metabolism and dissolution

Coulson A. Lantz, Kai G. Schulz, Laura Stoltenberg, and Bradley D. Eyre

Data sets

Gross primary production, respiration, and net calcification in coral reef sediments of Heron Island Lagoon, Australia, determined by in situ benthic chamber incubations C. A. Lantz, K. G. Schulz, L. Stoltenberg, and B. D. Eyre

Short summary
This study examined the combined effect of seawater warming and organic matter enrichment on coral reef sediment metabolism. Sediments under control conditions were net autotrophic and net calcifying. Warming shifted the sediment to net heterotrophy and net dissolution, while organic matter enrichment increased net production and net calcification. When combined, the effects of each treatment were counterbalanced and sediment metabolism did not significantly differ from control treatments.
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