Articles | Volume 15, issue 12
Research article
25 Jun 2018
Research article |  | 25 Jun 2018

Utilizing the Drake Passage Time-series to understand variability and change in subpolar Southern Ocean pCO2

Amanda R. Fay, Nicole S. Lovenduski, Galen A. McKinley, David R. Munro, Colm Sweeney, Alison R. Gray, Peter Landschützer, Britton B. Stephens, Taro Takahashi, and Nancy Williams

Data sets

Global Ocean Surface Water Partial Pressure of CO2 Database: Measurements Performed During 1957-2017 (LDEO Database Version 2017) (NCEI Accession 0160492). Version 6.6. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information T. Takahashi, S. C. Sutherland, and A. Kozyr

SOCCOM float data - Snapshot 2018-03-06 K. S. Johnson, S. C. Riser, E. S. Boss, L. D. Talley, J. L. Sarmiento, D. D. Swift, J. N. Plant, T. L. Maurer, R. M. Key, and N. L. Williams Wanninkhof, R. H., Dickson, A. G., Feely, R. A., and Russell, J. L.

Short summary
The Southern Ocean is highly under-sampled and since this region dominates the ocean sink for CO2, understanding change is critical. Here we utilize available observations to evaluate how the seasonal cycle, variability, and trends in surface ocean carbon in the well-sampled Drake Passage region compare to that of the broader subpolar Southern Ocean. Results indicate that the Drake Passage is representative of the broader region; however, additional winter observations would improve comparisons.
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