Articles | Volume 16, issue 2
Biogeosciences, 16, 383–408, 2019
Biogeosciences, 16, 383–408, 2019

Research article 24 Jan 2019

Research article | 24 Jan 2019

Early season N2O emissions under variable water management in rice systems: source-partitioning emissions using isotope ratios along a depth profile

Elizabeth Verhoeven et al.

Data sets

CastelloD'Agogna_waterMgmt2015,2016_dataset E. Verhoeven

Model code and software

Mapping approach model after Lewicka-Szczebak et al. (2017) - detailed description of calculation procedures D. Lewicka-Szczebak

Short summary
This study utilized state-of-the-art measurements of nitrogen isotopes to evaluate nitrogen cycling and to assess the biological sources of the potent greenhouse gas, N2O, in response to water-saving practices in rice systems. Water-saving practices did emit more N2O, and high N2O production had a lower 15N isotope signature. Modeling and visual interpretation indicate that these emissions mostly came from denitrification or nitrifier denitrification, controlled upstream by nitrification rates.
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