Articles | Volume 17, issue 5
Research article
13 Mar 2020
Research article |  | 13 Mar 2020

Leveraging the signature of heterotrophic respiration on atmospheric CO2 for model benchmarking

Samantha J. Basile, Xin Lin, William R. Wieder, Melannie D. Hartman, and Gretchen Keppel-Aleks

Data sets

Simulated CO2 dataset using the atmospheric transport model GEOSChem v12.0.0: Response to regional land carbon fluxes S. Basile, X. Lin, G. Keppel-Aleks

CRU TS3.21: Climatic Research Unit (CRU) Time-Series (TS) Version 3.21 of High Resolution Gridded Data of Month-by-month Variation in Climate University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit

Short summary
Soil heterotrophic respiration (HR) is an important component of land–atmosphere carbon exchange but is difficult to observe globally. We analyzed the imprint that this flux leaves on atmospheric CO2 using a set of simulations from HR models with common inputs. Models that represent microbial processes are more variable and have stronger temperature sensitivity than those that do not. Our results show that we can use atmospheric CO2 observations to evaluate and improve models of HR.
Final-revised paper