Articles | Volume 17, issue 8
Biogeosciences, 17, 2365–2379, 2020
Biogeosciences, 17, 2365–2379, 2020

Research article 30 Apr 2020

Research article | 30 Apr 2020

Patterns and trends of the dominant environmental controls of net biome productivity

Barbara Marcolla et al.

Data sets

CO2 flux history 1982–2001 inferred from atmospheric data using a global inversion of atmospheric transport ( C. Rödenbeck, S. Houweling, M. Gloor, and M. Heimann

The WFDEI meteorological forcing data set: WATCH Forcing Data methodology applied to ERA-Interim reanalysis data ( G. P. Weedon, G. Balsamo, N. Bellouin, S. Gomes, M. J. Best, and P. Viterbo

The ERA-Interim Archive ( P. Berrisford, D. Dee, P. Poli, R. Brugge, K. Fielding, M. Fuentes, P. Kallberg, S. Kobayashi, S. Uppala, and A. Simmons

Short summary
This work investigates the sensitivity of terrestrial CO2 fluxes to climate drivers. We observed that CO2 flux is mostly controlled by temperature during the growing season and by radiation off season. We also observe that radiation importance is increasing over time while sensitivity to temperature is decreasing in Eurasia. Ultimately this analysis shows that ecosystem response to climate is changing, with potential repercussions for future terrestrial sink and land role in climate mitigation.
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