Articles | Volume 17, issue 12
Research article
24 Jun 2020
Research article |  | 24 Jun 2020

Bottom-water deoxygenation at the Peruvian margin during the last deglaciation recorded by benthic foraminifera

Zeynep Erdem, Joachim Schönfeld, Anthony E. Rathburn, Maria-Elena Pérez, Jorge Cardich, and Nicolaas Glock

Data sets

Peruvian Margin living benthic foraminiferal distributions in percentage Z. Erdem, J. Schönfeld, A. E. Rathburn, M. E. Pérez, J. Cardich, and N. Glock

Age model of sediment core M77/2_050-4 Z. Erdem

Age model and sedimentation rate of sediment core M77/2_052-2 K. Doering

Short summary
Recent observations from today’s oceans revealed that oxygen concentrations are decreasing, and oxygen minimum zones are expanding together with current climate change. With the aim of understanding past climatic events and their relationship with oxygen content, we looked at the fossils, called benthic foraminifera, preserved in the sediment archives from the Peruvian margin and quantified the bottom-water oxygen content for the last 22 000 years.
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