Articles | Volume 17, issue 19
Biogeosciences, 17, 4745–4767, 2020
Biogeosciences, 17, 4745–4767, 2020

Research article 01 Oct 2020

Research article | 01 Oct 2020

Elevated sources of cobalt in the Arctic Ocean

Randelle M. Bundy et al.

Data sets

Bottle data from the GEOTRACES Clean Carousel sampling system (GTC) on the Arctic Section cruise (HLY1502) from August to October 2015 (US GEOTRACES Arctic project) W. M. Landing, G. Cutter, and D. C. Kadko

Data inventory for cruise CCGS Amundsen 0903 (ArcticNet, GIPY14) Mohamed Adjou

Dataset: GN01 Dissolved and Labile Cobalt Mak A. Saito and Shannon Rauch

Short summary
Cobalt (Co) is an essential nutrient for ocean microbes and is scarce in most areas of the ocean. This study measured Co concentrations in the Arctic Ocean for the first time and found that Co levels are extremely high in the surface waters of the Canadian Arctic. Although the Co primarily originates from the shelf, the high concentrations persist throughout the central Arctic. Co in the Arctic appears to be increasing over time and might be a source of Co to the North Atlantic.
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