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07 Feb 2020
Research article | Highlight paper |  | 07 Feb 2020

Dimensions of marine phytoplankton diversity

Stephanie Dutkiewicz, Pedro Cermeno, Oliver Jahn, Michael J. Follows, Anna E. Hickman, Darcy A. A. Taniguchi, and Ben A. Ward

Data sets

Diversity Model Output Stephanie Dutkiewicz

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Diversity Model Code Stephanie Dutkiewicz and Oliver Jahn

Short summary
Phytoplankton are an essential component of the marine food web and earth's carbon cycle. We use observations, ecological theory and a unique trait-based ecosystem model to explain controls on patterns of marine phytoplankton biodiversity. We find that different dimensions of diversity (size classes, biogeochemical functional groups, thermal norms) are controlled by a disparate combination of mechanisms. This may explain why previous studies of phytoplankton diversity had conflicting results.
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