Articles | Volume 18, issue 5
Technical note
09 Mar 2021
Technical note |  | 09 Mar 2021

Technical note: CO2 is not like CH4 – limits of and corrections to the headspace method to analyse pCO2 in fresh water

Matthias Koschorreck, Yves T. Prairie, Jihyeon Kim, and Rafael Marcé

Model code and software

Rheadspace.R Rafael Marcé

icra/headspace: headspace 1.0.0 (Version headspace) Rafael Marcé

Short summary
The concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in water samples is often measured using a gas chromatograph. Depending on the chemical composition of the water, this method can produce wrong results. We quantified the possible error and how it depends on water composition and the analytical procedure. We propose a method to correct wrong results by additionally analysing alkalinity in the samples. We provide an easily usable computer code to perform the correction calculations.
Final-revised paper